31 Comments on “Does Carry Down on a Bowling Lane Exist? Lane Transition Tutorial.”

  1. Awesome video! Thanks for showing us the lane and how it’s affected. I’ll keep that all in mind as I head to my next league night

  2. Brian: After just 15 minutes of two players practicing, 38 feet can resemble 40 feet.

    Add 6 more players and give em all urethane equipment, and all of a sudden 38 feet turns into 50 feet lol

  3. Bryan O’Keefe looks like he can bust out a few good dad jokes. All joking aside thanks for the vid. Also, boooooooo. Lefties have it so much easier!

    1. It’s just in your head that we Southpaws have it easier.
      Right handed bowlers can build up a wall much faster and easier than Southpaws, since there are sometimes very few of us bowling.

      I’ve been in tournaments, and league play, where I didn’t have a shot whatsoever, and right handers had a wall, and were putting up scores that I couldn’t come close to.

  4. Nice video and great tips as always. Ran into transition on league last week which was drastic. Congratulations on your switch to Roto Grip.

  5. Carry down without using urethane. I’ve been arguing this with folks for 2 years. There is no way 100% of the oil will be absorbed by your ball. Some oil is being redistributed on every shot thrown.

  6. i have been bowling again after 20 years 3 years back i have improved my average from 167 my first season to this last season averaging 195 thanks to tips from this channel and some serious practice and equipment up grades thankyou so much

  7. Most house shots I bowled on would dry out as they were just applying more oil on the front before each league and there was already carry down. Before one league where they stripped the lanes before they oiled them, there was no oil on the back end so that caused what you described. As a right hander, I would keep moving right the first game or two as the oil carried down. Eventually some the oil would dry and I would start moving left. Most of the alleys I bowled would strip the lanes once a week. There was always that one day each week where the lanes would score the best. This was 20 years ago so I don’t know if this is still common today.

    1. That’s an excellent point that I never considered, and you don’t hear talked about much. How often does bowling center management strip off the carrydown oil on the lane between the pattern and the pins?

  8. So true. Game one OK, Game Two, Excellent, Game Three, Mediocre. That carry down can make a huge impact at the end, at least for my game, trying to catch a good line when 4 out of 6 bowlers carry the same line can make for an exciting game. For some reason my Black Widow becomes a straight ball by the third game, very difficult to get any hook out of it.

  9. Can you explain the difference between reactive and urethane effects this transition?
    Also, difference between dull and shinny surfaces?

    1. Urethane flares less which will keep more oil where the ball is rolling. This oil will move down lane faster than an oil-absorbent bowling ball coverstock. Same goes for shiny vs dull. Good question!

  10. I would like to know what ball I need to be throwing after that transition occurs? The house I bowl in does not oil the lanes often and they are wood. The balls I have over react so much I am constantly on the left side of the pocket and I really struggle getting the ball right. I have moved so far left I am almost having to loft over the left gutter πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

    1. @Pete G nope. I am throwing it about as fast as I can. Last time out, I raised the starting position of the ball but I still was high.

    2. @Bobby Hogan All I can say is switch to less aggressive balls that would barely hook? Or flatten your hand more on release? Don’t know.

    3. @Pete G thank you sir. I appreciate the help. I currently am using a Paze II and a C4. What would be a good starting point for a weaker ball?

    4. @Bobby Hogan Well, like a lot of other people I started with entry level stuff like the Rhino or the Twist. Stuff that will hook less. But I’m hardly an expert.

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