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  1. This is one of my major struggles. Thank you for sharing and I need to work on more of my spine tilt

  2. I have been told to work on this to stop letting my ball go so high and stopping my loft but can’t seem to do it at all

  3. it seems like the spine tilt for two handers is all over the place….
    Can we have a guest two handers point of view on this topic?

  4. Hey guys love your channel! I know it’s mainly Brad and Kyle doing the instructional videos and you both are 1 handed bowlers but it would be awesome if yall would make some instructional videos for 2 handed bowlers.. There just isn’t alot of videos out there and yall have such a huge following I’m sure many of your fans feel the same way. Thank you again for everything yall do! Keep up the good work

    1. Speaking of spine tilt, it must be different for 2-handers. Look at Anthony Simonson. He’s a great bowler but his chest is absolutely bent parallel to the floor when he releases the ball. But he gets it done pretty well. Then you have 2-handers like Matt Ruhl who stands almost straight upright, with almost no knee bend, and he also can get it done. Weird.

    2. @bunker They could bring in Packy and or Chris Via as special guest for a collab. They have connects to both as members of the house. They could also promote Packy’s channel or the house if there’s something covered more tailored to non-traditional deliveries.

  5. I have a bit of a struggle keeping my backswing consistent that backswing and how high I hold the ball in my approach are how I tend to adjust speed.

  6. Please make a video about the push away towards your target. Even when shooting cross laane spares. Thanks.

  7. Good stuff guys! I was having knee pain a few years back and crept into a position with too much tilt. I became very “grabby” at release and struggled with ball reaction. When I find myself grabbing the ball, this is the first thing I look at.

  8. I would very much appreciate your input on the approach posture/angle of two bowlers I’ve admired for many reasons but one reason is for the beauty of their approaches let alone results, that being the great Pete Weber and the King of Swing Michael Fagan.

  9. You guys touched on it previously but I’d love to hear details on how to use the elbow to generate revs (such as where in the swing should the elbow be locked vs bent). I bowl an avg of about 193 and throw around 15mph with mid revs. My elbow is generally locked through the whole swing, so I’m missing out on a lot of power

    1. Revs really shouldn’t come from your elbow. That will just cause injuries. Revs come from acceleration of thumb coming out before your fingers. If you’re being robbed of revs it’s likely because you are gripping or you are “around the ball,” instead of under and behind it. Could be combination of both. Can “unload” your wrist but isn’t necessary and creates another variable. The best in the world are able to unload wrist the same everytime.

    2. @DonkeyDieHard I was referring to what they mention here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUCK14g1Zv4 I definitely have an under-the-ball grip and there may be some more “wrist-unrolling” that I can do, but I know my elbow is definitely not in play at the moment so that seems like the lowest hanging fruit to work on

  10. Great advice. Almost every bowler who bowls a decent amount has thrown a great ball now and then. But what separates half decent bowlers from great bowlers is repeatability. I can throw 3 really good balls but on the fourth ball I miss my mark or throw it too fast, or any number of mistakes. The tips they give here should help me repeat the good shots more.

  11. I just got a talking to about this from my team captain last week after league. I didn’t realize how much spine tilt I was creating and how that was affecting my ability to stay under the ball (and throw consistent shots). It still feels a little weird to stand up so straight, but I was able to hit my mark more consistently after making the change. Continuing to work on that this week.

  12. Love the tips. Thanks guys. Just wanted to throw out a couple of challenge video ideas since I missed your last one. First idea is to see if you can strike on some crazy long oil. 57 feet, 60 feet? Second idea is to get the Wii bowling up and going. :). Thanks as always for all the great content.

  13. Hey guys, I had back surgery last March to fix a herniated disc in my lower back, I am about 90% better now and cleared to start physical activity.
    Do you have any pointers on how to work my way into bowling again?
    Want to be ready for winter league. Looking forward to your comments

  14. Can you do a similar guide to shoulder and hip twist in the approach? I’ve always kept my shoulders square through my backswing, but I see a lot of people leading with their off shoulder. Does this tend to create more power/rev potential? I imagine they’re still finishing pretty square to the lane though, right?

  15. Great video! I throw two-handed, and now that I’ve seen this video I think I know one reason why I may not be as consistent as I’d like to be. Thanks for the tip!

  16. Great tips as always. I love you trainings for more than 3 years now. Fantastic tips every time I see you guys. Keep on the good work. Team Pinhunters Eric, John, Kevin, Sander, Bertus, Toon, and me Eef. Team average about 200. Bowlingteam Venray. Love from Holland.

  17. Good video guys. I just within the last month realized that I wasn’t bringing my swing back once I started bringing it back further I noticed I was getting more pin action and my average went up a couple of pins before the season ended.

  18. Good video on a topic I’ve not considered.
    Would you say that pointing your chest toward the arrows is a good amount of tilt?

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