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29 Comments on “Ebonite GB3 Black and Blue Let’s Talk About It”

  1. It’s crazy to see your baby rolling like that.ha ha lmao ha ha ha they can’t make it tha way you did

  2. I can’t remember you ever rolling that many to get 1. If you can’t use a THS, who is going to buy it?

  3. Honestly that was the best ball review video I have ever seen. I have had plenty of days like that when I have been having the same issues. What surface adjustments would you make to that ball? What shape you switch to?

    1. So in this case I would have went to a Angular ball with a 4 or 5k surface on it. Here is why. I would have been able to move right and go around the lane which would have increased my entry angle. This would have allowed me to take advantage of the pattern instead of getting trapped by it. If you notice in the video I tried to roll it and the fact that it was too early worked against me. When I got it in the oil the ball was too long and too smooth. After 3 shots this ball would have been in the bag.

  4. I would have moved up on the approach a couple inches when I was lined up hitting pocket leaving 7s. Sometimes left and right don’t work, Or really wheel it like you did at the end.

  5. LOL Just like all of us lefties, move 3-2, throw it back in the same place and go high. Move 3-2 more and throw it back in the same place. “I’m too deep and too much angle” while still hitting 13 at the arrows. Ron, you finally didn’t walk left on the last shot and threw it over 15 … Bingo!!

  6. Thank you for this video .I’m a lefty that started bowling a four years ago . Never had anyone teach me just watched a lot of YouTube videos but never understood why I could hit the pocket shot after shot and kept leaving the 7. Understanding it could be the ball and not me will help me pick my next ball to have more options in my bag. Thank you

  7. Holy crap.. what lane conditions were you on?? I threw the gb3 black and blue during ball demo, too and I couldnt stop striking. It was so forgiving for me, maybe my lanes were burnt towards the end of the session… haha

  8. This video is so funny seeing you try so hard while explaining your shots. I could watch it for a few more missed frames. I have these days too. I want to buy this ball now. Great video.

  9. I’m surprised ebonite hasn’t tried to take this video down yet lol. Just kidding. I just brought one from having so much success with my Gb2 phenom. My first ebonite ball and I’m definitely a fan now

  10. Would pin down have been a better layout option given how strong the GB3 Blue/Black read the friction?

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