16 Comments on “Epic Bowling Match with the CLAW!”

    1. @J.A.S. FILMS shorts go vertical, I bet YouTube auto crops it from the original landscape video.

    2. My favorite part is the actual video with the entirety of the footage has been out for over a year, but ur being salty. 😂

      Youtube shorts get auto cropped which does not agree with wide view clips, but we thought the clip was funny. 😁

  1. I actually bowl with a guy in a sport shot league who has all his balls drilled like that blew my mind first time i saw him throw it😂😂

    1. Fire me? THIS VIDEO GOT PUT OUT A YEAR AGO with every shot and pin action? But you’re right, youtube auto cropping shorts is my fault. Thanks brother 😜

      We just thought the clip was funny dude chill out 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Dennis Fredell It’s all in good fun man, but basically everyone was commenting to show the pins, so obviously we didn’t know it was auto cropped and you did indeed film them. Keep up the vids then. Cheers 🍻

  2. Y’all are handsome dudes, but I’d much rather see the ball reaction instead of the wall or Kyle’s backside.

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