22 Comments on “EXOTIC GEM REVIEW | Bowlings Strongest Pearl!”

  1. You do a great job explaining ball motion, coverstock, positive axis point (PAP), etc. I’ve watched other ball review videos, and in my opinion, your ball reviews are the most informative. Thank you for doing what you do for bowling.

  2. But Brad, if you want to keep the extra surface on the ball, ya just need a towel soaked in acetone, right!?

  3. Thanx for the detailed difference in coverstock. After all these years of just throwing the ball, I am learning the science of the game.

  4. Man great video and explanations of everything. One thing I like that was slightly missed here on some shots are to see the angles you are when throwing the ball. A lot of times we were just seeing how the ball reacted, which looked good and strong even with this heavy oil pattern. It’d be nice to see where you stood then see where the ball hit at the arrows and how it reacts at those different angles.

  5. Great content as usual Brad. Getting ready to purchase my first reactive and videos like these are very helpful in the decision making process.

  6. This is possibly the best ball review I have ever seen. All reviews should be on a sport pattern. This video gave a boatload of valuable info that can be used on the lanes. Seeing the difference surface gave and then comparing to the other ball as well.Hopefully other ball reviewers are taking note of demo’s on sport pattens,Thank you πŸ™

  7. Love the verbal info you gave on the review but the ball reaction portions don;t start till arrows or feet past the arrows. Almost no look at the overall lane read or angle your throwing it from.

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