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  1. So I have all of the balls you have listed there with the exception of the pitch black and I will say that the X2 and the UC3 are very unique in terms of what shape they create. The UFO alert is also good but I find that the X2 is a bit better on house shots in my opinion. I’m definitely a fan and watching you throw them confirms that they are pretty good. Keep up the great work on the content

  2. Hey guys, I’ve just recently got into bowling, I’ve been watching your old vids like crazy! Loving the content. Just bought a phaze 2 yesterday hope this video tells me it was a good idea haha

    1. @tnjrcfl1 thank you man! My first league starts in January so I’m excited to get it drilled and get used to it

  3. Brad and/or Kyle: how about a spare ball challenge (Mix v. Spy/BW Viz) with Packy, next time you guys are around each other?

  4. Good stuff ! I love my uc3! Like you said it lets me use urethane where I normally wouldn’t be able to

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of these bowling balls πŸ˜” But would love to get some of the newer ones that have come out πŸ™‚ Definitely need to upgrade from my Brunswick Rhino, which is the only bowling ball that I have, except for my TZone. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to get some of these newer bowling balls, I think it would be fun to throw them πŸ™‚

  6. I have both the rstx-2 and the UFO Alert and if one goes both go for me. They compliment each other very well imo. If the UFO isn’t getting there or is reading too early for my liking I can usually just switch to the rstx-2 and it feels just right.

  7. I have two of the X 2’s and you definitely can’t go wrong with one! Definitely one of my favorites!

  8. Debating if I should punch up a uc3. I only bowl on mostly house shots though so I can’t decide.
    I got the rst x2 right in-between the uc2 and ufo alert, pretty much a great ball that can be manipulated easily

  9. I just converted to curving after straight bowling my whole life. So my buddy gave me a pretty nice curving ball and I had the thumb redrilled to fit me and I practiced with it and used it in league but I could only average 125 with it! Then we figured out that the ball’s hole spread was to close for my hand. My other teammate let me try using his that had the thumb hole slightly further out and I immediately went from 125 average to 156 OVERNIGHT. Make sure the hole spread is right for you if you just getting into curving!

  10. I’ve been using the same Urethane ball (15lb) and plastic spare ball (14lb)for years now…just not sure how to buy a different ball… its hard to find someone throwing a ball youd like to sample..and if you buy one and have it drilled, you’re wasting your money if it doesnt work out. My urethane is as smooth as it was when i got it, so I may just stick with it until its falling apart lol. I just picked up my plastic spare ball today in fact, had to get the holes filled redrilled because it was breaking apart near the grips. Ive had it filled three times now XD

  11. The UC3 is like my new favorite ball, everyone at my league goes “wtf” everytime it goes down the lane.

  12. Kyle, if I may suggest, a cheap electric space heater in the garage and use cheap tarps from ceiling to floor like a curtain to minimize the heated area..would make the drilling area much more comfortable in the winter for that hour or so you were out there.

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