1. Norm Duke one of the best to ever do it and still out here. I hope he never slows down and keeps it going. If I was a young guy on the tour now, every time he was in a room telling a story, I’d be mouth shut listening.

    1. It’s not about how far you can swing the ball it’s about how many pins you could knock down each time. Long years ago in early nineties I build some programs with the national prose I got to bowl next to Wayne Webb mark musabi which I don’t know if hes out there any more but I had a pair next to norm Duke was truly amazing and honored to bowl near him hes such a great man. Duke is the boss the man is legendary at being a master of different skills and injuries

    2. Voice to text typing is terrible.
      What I said was I got to bowl next to norm Duke it was amazing to watch him at him he is so versatile with different hand positions and skills are playing the lane conditions

  2. Kyle and Brad, keep up the hard work and hard work pays off. Nice intro 🤣🤣🤣🤑🤑🤑

  3. Nothing like watching a Brad and Kyle vlog to start the day. You guys make any day better. I was rolling on the floor laughing as they were unwrapping the merch (ok, not literally rolling around on the floor, lol)! Btw, good luck today in the last round of qualifying. Go crush ’em!

  4. Tell your editor to get on his game. The double intro was really funny but give the editor a hard time. 😀

  5. Right after Norm’s strike Brad does his best Norm impression & comes up with…X! Perfect! Let’s go gentlemen- a Masters finals broadcast without Brad & Kyle & Norm is a Masters without love!

    1. Not to mention still striking from that far left. Just vibin with tha bois on the lanes. Hes a legend!

  6. Also, I feel your pain when your on that tough pattern and figure out how to get to the pocket, then stone 8. Like the video of Kyle playing 35 and leaving a stone 8. It’s part of the game, but that’s why these patterns are so mental too

  7. New shirt: “Shinin'”

    I’m never partial to a ball brand but I think a win by any Storm bowler this week would be great.

  8. Ima be VIBIN!!! Can’t wait to bowl in the new shirt!
    It’ll bring my average up from 190 to 230 😎😝

  9. Feel the burn 🔥! Looks like some tough lane conditions. Best of luck the rest of the tourney!

  10. Good to see RIchie Teese on this vlog. He was very cordial and interacted great with the crowd in Colorado Spring. Good luck to Richie and The House in the Masters

  11. Love watching you guys. Living the Dream!! I should have never given up my ambition to go pro. I’m back after a 30 year absence. Still ripping and having so much fun.
    I really admire your tenacity. All of you Pro Level Players are super competitive. Keep on doing what you guys do!!
    Jason “Striker” Holland.

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