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41 Comments on “Fresh Bowling Ball Surface vs. Used Surface”

    1. It is a preference. In general grips will give you more revolutions on the ball. But use the oval side not the “lift” side for maximum benefit.

    2. I bowl 2 handed and I switched to inserts a couple of months ago and my rev rate went up my ball speed went up and my average went up it’s all preference but i prefer finger inserts.

    3. Fingers grips actually crack balls. Well the glue used to stick them does. The glue finds tiny flaws and expands and it will eventually lead to a cracked ball. Albeit overtime so it’s not a super issue. In the end as stated it’s preference

    4. @Chuck Norris I don’t think glue expands. I believe what happens is you are creating a smaller bridge between the fingers, making it more susceptible to cracking

    5. Yeetus McGeetus
      I agree. The only balls that have crack on me (3) all had inserts. Albeit, the majority of my balls have inserts but of the 3 that don’t, none have cracked. I keep them in the house so the cracks were not due to temperature extremes.

  1. That’s MY luck…you have the whole bowling alley to yourself and somebody has to be bowling next to you and cuts you off. No lane courtesy. Go figure.

    1. @Mr. C you should ask for a lane that’s not right next to somebody else if possible. When you do get a good area, it makes it less likely that the people up front will put people in the lane directly next to you.

    2. I would have liked to see Ronald take a teachable moment to explain the proper etiquette to that bowler.

    1. It evens it out instead of having some spots that are around 4500 or others at like 5500.

  2. He needed to throw more shots. There’s plenty of other reasons for a solid 10. This doesn’t really prove much.

    1. Not to mention he was deeper on the lane the second shot and got it farther out into the dry which will allow the ball to skate the front of the lane and expend more of the energy in the back end… AND he was just sitting in the pro shop for 5 minutes cooling down. His ball speed was definitely slower the second shot. ~ assuming this is a typical house pattern…..

    2. I was about to say this video could be soooo good if they throw about 10 shots before and after showing a clear difference

  3. If I polish my ball to make it look nice for a tournament, will it affect the ball too much? I use the dyno thane reactive resin the thing lives, and I’m two handed. My pin is 1/2 inch below and 1 inch to the right of the right finger hole.

    1. It should be ok if it makes it go to long we have a video for that called cracking the surface of a polish ball.

  4. That 10 pin kickout is more about the cleaning then the grit because the finish Actually drop down to 4500 more that it went up over 5000

  5. I was watching the video and thinking wow, this bowling alley is setup just like the bowling alley right down the street from me. Then later in the video I saw the banner of my old high school, what a coincidence lol.

    1. It depends on the lanes and how aggressive they are to the surface
      Normally 80 to 100 games before a resurface is needed

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