Getting Fitted for a Bowling Ball with a Wrist Device

Wrist devices are designed to support your wrist throughout the swing and release. For people with weaker wrists or who experience wrist break in the backswing or during the release, a bowling wrist device is just what the doctor ordered. In this free video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains the importance of getting fit with a wrist device, if you choose to bowl with one.

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Bowling Wrist Device and Ball Fit
Now that you have chosen to bowl with a wrist device, you’ll need to go to your proshop and get fitted with it on. If you have a bowling ball that has been drilled without your wrist device, you’ll have to plug it and get the span adjusted accordingly. The span will be shorter with a bowling wrist device.

If you bowl with a wrist device and a ball that hasn’t had its span altered, you will have trouble releasing the ball because you will have to squeeze it. Less grip pressure equals more hook.

What you can expect your ball driller to ask from you when you are getting your equipment drilled is to:

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– Put your wrist device on (relaxed)
– Put your fingers into the holes
– Tighten straps on your wrist device
– Take fingers out leaving your thumb in
– Check span by putting your fingers over the holes,
Wrist devices are designed to get your hand in the correct position at the point of release. Make sure you get fit with your bowling wrist device to avoid creating problems where they do not need to exist.

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