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18 Comments on “Hammer Ruthless Ball Review Let’s Talk About It”

    1. yes or speed…I threw a fairly deep line on a fresh house shot and for me it was WAY too much ball. Mine is brand spankin new as of 11/8/2019 so I also need to get some games on it and let it get a little lane shine lovin’ on it to tone her down a notch or 2 😛

  1. This ball is a hooker for sure. I just got one like today, and am blown away by it. The new proshop I’m going to go to now FOREVER, the owner told me I’m throwing way to aggressive of balls for my style. What I was throwing the specs were off as well as far as the drilling measurements and was holding me back. Stretched grip (part of my doing I like the felt when I was young and got used to that) actually prevented me from being able to get around the ball and get much of an axis tilt. The second I threw the first ball I got from the new shop I knew I was wrong all along, and the proshops I’d gone to should have told me so. Crazy going from throwing the premium line balls of storm and the like to really only needing their middle of the road balls and still shooting a 660 (even easier without the random over hooking) 😀

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