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28 Comments on “Have a Bowling Ball That Has Lost Performance? Watch This”

  1. You should have baselined after you sanded the ball. Now we don’t know how much of the added hook was from the Clear and how much was from the sanding.

    1. I think the premise is that the sanding with TruCut sanding pads and TruCut Conditioner, cleaning with That Wow Factor ball cleaner, The Clear performance accelerator, and That Wow factor HM is part of the entire ball restoration process. So, it appears the video shows the benefits of the entire process. Not just the sanding, removing the lane shine, or ball cleaning.

  2. This is not a proper analysis. Just sanding a few shots need to be thrown to show the difference from being lane shined from back to factory grit. Then after use the clear. This way we can truly see if the cleaner did the difference expected/wanted.

  3. Hey Ron I still have the so fresh so clean spray and I’m thinking about getting the dry pad pro. Can I use the side that’s like a scuff mark with so fresh so clean

  4. I had a storm IQ Emerald after my first game of bowling I went home and cleaned it and I took it back out on the lanes and I could not get the same two shots to save my life I’m going to reclaim my ball with your product I will get back with you if it works

  5. I’m assuming, but asking anyway, in case someone else wants to know: the soaking in the clear differs from a bath or oven because it infuses a chemical to increase tackiness. A) how long does the chemical remain in the shell? B) is the hardness of the shell altered at all? C) without heat, how does the clear force the oil from the ball? Obviously not look for trade secrets, but just quick explanations of sorts.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr rock on! Thank you! I’ve got an up and coming youth bowler, and have returned to bowling myself. The internet (YouTube) has been the main source for info about your products. I’m hoping to try them soon, and spread the word up here in Wisconsin πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ³

  6. Will it work on balls that are 15 years old though? I’m using a Columbia Quake and a Brunswick Aggressive Reactive Zone. I’m averaging 195 so I’m not complaing

  7. So if I have a Pearl I would shine it up first? Meaning if I have a Hammer flawless with a Juice Pearl cover at 1500 from the factory what would the process be? I get what to do with the Solid as you showed with the 2.0 πŸ’πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

    Thanks in advance, love all your products and I’m looking to get this as well…and so more pads and the spray to use them with!

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