Have this checked to INCREASE your Rev Rate in bowling.

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Having a good fit is important to get the most out of your game. Make sure you go to your local pro shop to have this checked!
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14 Comments on “Have this checked to INCREASE your Rev Rate in bowling.”

  1. It has been a while since I had my span checked prior to working this video. My balls were drilled taking measurements from old balls I had. Since I was trying to keep a consistent feel across my Arsenal that was the approach used to drill my equipment. I now have four balls with this new proper fit. It is taking some getting use to it, but I believe I will be better off in the long run. Thanks Ron and Dustin for getting me fit correctly.

    1. Recently had the same issue as the guy in the video because we were drilling based on old balls from when I was younger. Span way too long and I was having to grip the ball a lot with the old fit. My new fit is nice and they also put my ring finger just slightly lower than my middle. Coming out of the ball much better and its going where I want it to. We’re plugging all my old balls and getting a few removable thumb inserts made too.

    1. Correct. Of course the point of the video is to check the fit , but yes if the 2 shots don’t have the same speed, then the revs would differ due to the way specto counts them.

  2. Ball speed was significantly lower in the 2nd shot, which could easily account for the added revs, especially the way they are (incorrectly) measured by specto). But the point of the video is that bad fit could be reducing RPM, so it is a thumb up from me 🙂

    1. Ball speed because a longer span would cause you to be firm and not catch it at the bottom so yes the ball would come off your hand not being decreased in speed by be able to get more fingers into it.

  3. I think the title is a little misleading. The Ted rate increased 40 rpm versus a Ball speed that reduced almost 2 mph.

    I agree a good fit is paramount for maximum results, but it’s not an apples to apple’s comparison. Heck even the best players in the world can vary 30-40 rpms per shot.

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