HIGHEST SHINE POSSIBLE? How to Polish a Bowling Ball to 6500 Grit | TruCut Hand Applied Polish PLUS

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17 Comments on “HIGHEST SHINE POSSIBLE? How to Polish a Bowling Ball to 6500 Grit | TruCut Hand Applied Polish PLUS”

  1. I would definitely like to see a before and after effect on the lanes.. we see the difference but what it does on the lane would educate more.

  2. When Are You gonna offer 30% off on those CTD2 Ball scanners For EJ Tackett winning the Triple Crown??
    $550 for that Scanner is a little steep
    But saving $165 for a total of $385 including free Usps shipping 🚢 is Fair!!

  3. can you explain the differences in what grit your ball starts at. from the factory it is 6,000 but they started at 500, then 1000, then polish. Where as you started from 2000 and went up from there. Does the grit you start from effect performance or does only the surface you end matter? Would interested in a Head to head comparison between using the factory method vs the one you did in this video.

  4. I would love to see this reaction down the lane. Going to these finer grits could really open up some new opportunities when it comes to drilling options of high end bowling balls.

  5. I agree… I would love to see a lane comparison. Also, will there ever be wow factor wipes? That would be good for lane side cleaning.

  6. Hi Ron, I’m a huge car guy and have been testing out different polishes and other products on a couple balls I own. I’ve noticed that Meguiar’s products have typically given me the best results – maybe try their Ultimate Compound (color/clarity restorer) against this?

  7. Most of us league bowlers don’t have a $349 ball spinner, it costs $10 to $20 bucks to properly change your ball surface at the pro shop, (If he’s not busy) I’m buying a spinner!

  8. can this get to 6500 grit by hand or do you have to use a spinner. i know the 5000D pad is variable based on that.

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