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Inside Bowling presents the History of Bowling Balls with the Orf's from Ray Orf's Bowling & Trophy Shop in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rich Orf and Steve Orf share their bowling ball collection with you and share their opinions of the most meaningful bowling balls in the history of bowling.

This episode features Reactive Resin bowling balls.

This is part 3 of a 3 part series. Enjoy!

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25 Comments on “History of Bowling Balls | Reactive Resin”

    1. Never threw one, but I remember that was a popular ball back in the day. I loved AMF equipment, but started throwing more Columbia stuff as resin balls came out.

    2. @Kawboy65 It was the first AMF ball with a mass bias indicator. They used a triangle. Voss used it a bit on TV and smashed with it.

  1. Great series of videos! Thank you! My wife found a Turbo X at Goodwill 3 months ago. Span was perfect and I use it occasionally in league. Didn’t know it was that old!

  2. Impressive work putting all those classics together, guys. There’s more than a couple of those I’d like to have.

  3. loved this segment. I started league bowling and so many of these were on my wish list. I did get to buy the Cuda C off a teammate. I still have to this day…

  4. I remember my dad throwing the 3D Offset when I was real little, and I shot my first 300 with the original red mission.

  5. Awesome Video series! I didn’t see the Burgundy Hammer, in Jersey in the mid 90’s that was a super popular ball.

  6. I loved the Cuda/C! I still have one. I also have and love the Cuda 2000. I also throw the IQ Pearl gold and just picked up the IQ 30. Loved seeing this video!!

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