History of Bowling Balls | Urethane Era

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Inside Bowling presents the History of Bowling Balls with the Orf's from Ray Orf's Bowling & Trophy Shop in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rich Orf and Steve Orf share their bowling ball collection with you and share their opinions of the most meaningful bowling balls in the history of bowling.

This episode features Urethane bowling balls.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series. Enjoy!

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25 Comments on “History of Bowling Balls | Urethane Era”

  1. Great video… love that Pink Hammer.. grew up in a house that was a very light oil house… favorite ball of all time!!

  2. i remember having all of those balls, except for the tank, i would say my favorite though was the slate u-dot which was the first ball i averaged 200 with and before that i could only average 170-180 before, then maybe the pink hammer which i could throw from the right gutter out to the left 1 and back to the right gutter, then i made the mistake of sanding the ball and it would not stay on the lane, 3/4 way down it would right turn straight for the gutter.

    1. The Phantoms were the first balls I ever saw that flared. To lay them out properly you needed the Phantom Commander accessory that attached to a quarter ball scale

    1. As Steve would say… it was “dominant” on tour for a couple years. Ferraro, Benoit, Ozio just to name a few.

  3. How about the end of the era? The red Turbo C was almost a perfect ball. Early read with a constant strong arc always an easy trip of 4 pins.

  4. Hey guys gotta say great video I definitely enjoyed watching them and learning about the history. This was probably something I would have never know if I didn’t see this video since I am from a younger generation. One of the balls I would have liked to see you guys have is a blue angle because that’s the ball I have and its been passed down my family to me. I still bowl it regularly too!

  5. I found a Columbia 300 blue knight at a second hand store and it hits hard. I love using this ball

  6. Great video! I still see and talk with the legend Carmen Salvino today. He’s been a friend now two years and lives near me. A really great guy! He called me to ask if I were okay and needed anything during this virus and mandatory stay home order. I said, “Yes, a bowling lane!” Made him laugh! Amazing how he still loves everyone and everything regarding bowling 🎳!

  7. My first fingertip ball was the Black Angle … and one of my favorite balls of all time was the Blue Nitro. (I still have one in my arsenal)

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