Horrific Bowling Accident! Bowler Denied Perfect 300 Game

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Troy Walker was participating in the 2013 Luci Bonneau Doubles Tournament in Houston, Texas at Palace Lanes. He rolled 11 consecutive strikes and on his 12th ball, the rake arm from the pinsetter blocked his ball from hitting the pins.

This charity bowling tournament was live-webcast on InsideBowling.com.

Commentators were Mike Flanagan & Robert McBride.

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52 Comments on “Horrific Bowling Accident! Bowler Denied Perfect 300 Game”

  1. Thanks Jeff for the time frame on the Urethane balls..I was just going off of memory..Some great times on the Lanes back then..

    1. Great Bowling!
      Even better Attitude!!!
      Anyone else would have blown a gasket! It was indirectly your fault!

  2. We had a guy have the first 9 in league. Transformer tripped the breaker and lights went out, took 45 minutes to get lights back on and get the computers reset. Then he got up like nothing happened and threw 3 perfect strikes to have his first 300

    1. There are two movies like that … a power cut interrupts perfect game attempt, and bowler told he cannot leave the lane or he forfeits the game, so they camp the lane waiting for the power to be restored.

      In one, they light the lane dividers with candles.

      It’s pretty much an ancient urban legend.

    2. @GaryChap Howard Sprague on Andy Griffith- don’t remember the exact situation but a power failure occured

    3. we had that happen in one of our lges back in 96,, a squirrel climbed up the pole and arched the Transformer, they went out back and found it on the ground smoked LOL,
      There was a brown out,, half of the lanes stayed on, others did not, they backed up the system, ones on could still finish, ones off had to complete the next week before the start of bowling , night . 2 people were on front 9 and had to complete the 10th frame the week after ! Strange but it happens

    1. I thought a velociraptor would run out and tear his face off, take the bowling ball and throw it into a black hole

  3. “Horrific”? Horrific would be his hand being ripped off and going down the lane with the ball…

    1. They obviously meant it in a more sentimental way, and not everything should be taken in a literal sense

    2. Horiffic would be an arm getting ripped, and the ball crashed into your leg, shattering it,and you fall chin first so you would have to eat everything from a straw.

    1. @GaryChap Thanks for using the term “engineer.” I am certified to fix those same Brunswick A2 machines and would never give myself such credit.

    2. @VinylToVideo ah, we’re all engineers whether we wear the badge or not ; )

      My ex wife, for example, was a time-served trouble engineer. She worked on some pretty major projects… mostly large scale rumor installation and several controlled demolitions of relationships…

      … apparently, the trick is to get them to implode neatly into their own footprint.

      But hey, just frees me up to go bowling ; )

    3. @VinylToVideo Exactly, I was trained at 16 years old to repair AMF machines 3 nights a week at the local house. We were not engineers. LOL

    1. Need to see Rash or Belmonte deal with something like that in a final … have a medic on standby, cus that blood pressure is gonna hit the roof : )

    1. @crazy gamer It takes 12 consecutive strikes to bowl a 300 game, he was joking saying he missed his 300 in the 2nd frame!!

    2. @Austin Stanifer it would be a 450 if you got 12 strikes… or are you talking about 10 pin… sorry I didn’t get the joke…

    3. You can only miss a perfect game by one shot. After you have missed your first strike you are no longer playing for a perfect game

  4. What a positive outlook. He clearly just has so much love for the game. Big respect for keeping his cool and laughing it off.

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