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  1. Appreciate these recent videos aimed primarily at beginners. If you want to help grow the sport, getting recreational bowlers to take things more seriously and bowl more is one way to do it.

    1. Extremely important! Under 14 pounds, a lot of balls don’t even have the same high-performance core that the same model of a 14, 15, or 16 pound ball would have. Most touring pros throw 15 pounds, with very few throwing 16, Norm Duke being one of them that spring to mind.

    2. @Neooooo thanks for the info. Do you know why they don’t use 16# it seems a heavier ball would allow for the best impact….no?

    3. @evenstephen many reasons for that.. 2 of which i can think of.. 1. Risk of injury; 2. When it’s too heavy for you, it will be difficult to execute your shots properly

    4. @evenstephen Yes, all things being equal more ball mass would result in a harder hit but a lighter ball allows them to be more accurate with wrist positioning and in matching their ball speed with the their rev rates.

  2. β€œYou’re a so called professional” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the poor disrespect for poor Kyle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I personally love the β€œthump thump thump” rolling over the thumb hole sound. Hopefully this will convince more people to use actually bowling balls rather than house balls

  3. I know a lot of bowlers might think a video like this one is obvious and silly. However just last week I had a guy open bowling on the lane next to me, and he was asking me questions about how to make the ball “spin” like that. I explained that it’s not spin, but more like rolling a football directionally, etc, but that the ball is responsible for most of the actual hook. The house ball he was using is plastic, and is only going to hook very little, no matter how well he rolls it. Most new bowlers don’t understand even these basics that you and I consider to be a given.

  4. Great video for beginner bowlers. Keep doing what you guys do. Curious to know what you guys are going to do when you hit 100k subs. πŸ™‚

    1. I just got done watching your ripcord video even tho your not with motiv anymore I still use your videos as a reference as someone who loves the motiv brand

  5. I’m curious what’s a good hooking ball out there that doesn’t soak up 2 much oil and dirt and will have the same reaction as it did at the end of leagues as it did brand new?

  6. Are there balls out there that manufacturers make mistakes in production and sell cheaper but a beginner may not pick up on a “B” or a “S” stamp possibly? B=blemish not a big deal or a S= second that could be over/under top weight or pin way out?

  7. Brads diaper mask is killing me.. great video tho! I added it to the Playlist I play at my bowling center.

  8. A great video to show our wives, as mine still doesn’t understand why i need two bowling balls for league.

  9. Very nice content change! What may be obvious to some may not be obvious to others. It’s great that you guys teach bowling at every level. Great job.

  10. Hey Kyle it is great to see you throwing a bowling ball again! Hopefully recovery keeps going well and we will see you out there real soon. Real soon meaning hopefully when the tour starts again. You should do a video and give us an update

  11. I bowl casually every Friday night for many years now and I can pretty much run a 200 average even on used up lanes (after leagues are done for the night, on the lanes somewhat dry). But its not my score, its the way I bowl why ppl come up to me regularly to ask ‘how do you hook the ball like that?!”…i end up talking quite a few into going more often and checking out the pro shops to convince them that their own balls, likely higher weights than they think they need, and holes drilled specifically for them will have them much happier with their scores and confidence. Not to mention spending the $50 on shoes since they’ll pay for themselves after 10 annual visits to the alley. House balls can hook, but you have to over rev and slow your speed down quite a bit…9/10 times i have ppl just increase the ball weight and slow down, stay low, and bowl with your hand perpendicular to the lane…they improve drastically if they listen (then the spouses/friends get upset i helped them improve their scores!) ^_^

    So many ppl love bowling, they just have more fun when they start doing well.. I love seeing new regulars because they simply just need a push to do better

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