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28 Comments on “House Shot Strategy To Throw More Strikes”

  1. I always had a little different strategy on house shots. I liked to start out left of where the rest of the guys on the pair were playing. But still keep the ball in front of me (as the lane allowed). My logic was that I was always ahead of the transition. If I stayed ahead of it, I would always have a different angle going into the break point. I used a combination of loft and ball speed, to ease the bounce off of the break point.

  2. I agree with all the people who commented about buying an “Up 10 dumper” tshirt. What say you, Kyle. Will you make us one?

  3. I’ve been bowling for about a year. Love it, and am watching videos to improve. After watching 1:30 of this video, I do not understand 85% of the terminology being used. So…..moving on to another video that’s more clearly presented to bowlers of all levels.

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