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14 Comments on “House Shot | What is the best replacement for the Storm Spectre Bowling Ball?”

  1. I choose a Wolverine because I already have the Helios and Hyroad. The Helios is too jumpy for me… I like the smoothness of the Hyroad

    1. @Alton Robinson not in this video… it was up there. For me, the Helios comes of the break point to hard. My speed is too slow for that.

  2. I have the UC3 and I love it. It hits hard and has not left me any 10 pins unlike regular urethane. But the UC3 might cause problems for your teammates if you are on the same line as them.

    I hear good things about the wolverine as well.

  3. Very helpful … Personally if I had a spectre and had to change I’d probably pick the wolverine. Want the UC3…. But point made if your with a team and only one throwing. Reactive/ Urethane I’d be a tad pissed too

  4. Now this is what you call Content. Wow. Great video. I never purchased a spectre but this video was still very educational.

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