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7 Comments on “HOW and WHY You Should Sand Your Bowling Ball”

  1. Thanks for the video on how to get close to the gloss on the new Storm balls. So, what’s the difference between 5000Pd with/without polish, and say, 2000 with polish? Don’t they scan at 5000?

  2. I’ve been using CTD pads and conditioner to make surface adjustments. One question, is it okay to rinse the pad in the sink out after using to clear it of any debris? I’ve been doing this of late, rinse, then squeeze out excess and let it dry. Is this ok to do with the pads?

    1. It is ok to do that but do not crumple the pad when you rinse it. Instead squeeze the water out like you are clapping your hands with the pad in between them.

  3. How do you know when a typical CtD sanding pad is worn and not sanding well if you do not have a surface scanner?

    1. You can visually see a difference when the pad is wore out. The exact number would require a scanner.

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