How Fast Does a Bowling Ball Coverstock Change Surface? Storm | Brunswick | Motiv 2000 to 4700 Grit

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13 Comments on “How Fast Does a Bowling Ball Coverstock Change Surface? Storm | Brunswick | Motiv 2000 to 4700 Grit”

    1. That’s lane shine, it’s going to stabilize there at those lanes because of the ball return. It’ll be slightly different everywhere.

    1. Got it: when I use polish or compound, I use either TruCut hand applied polish or Storm Step 2, depending on the ball. I don’t polish most of my bowling balls (I use Storm and Motiv), but would consider doing so with a few more of them if it might give me a more consistent surface for league. Thanks Ron!@Ronald Hickland Jr

  1. Is the rate of change equally as fast starting from 1000 or 3000? On the 2000 graph where the ball goes from 3000 up to say 4000, is that rate of change in that “zone” equal if starting from a “fresh” 3000?

  2. Once the graphs for all three manufacturers start leveling out at about the same point, there’s not a difference worth noting. 4500 vs 4600 vs 4700 would not only be imperceptible to the typical bowler, but I would submit that even pros would be hard-pressed to see a difference of just 4.4%.

    I would also submit that you would need to collect a LOT more data to be able to truly compare coverstocks across manufacturers. No one should make any real decisions off of this data in terms of one manufacturer vs another. But even with this limited data, it is abundantly clear that surface changes significantly in the first 5-10 frames. It would be very helpful to do this same study at lower grits, to see if the slope in those first 5-10 frames is the same or steeper. My guess is that the slope will be steeper, but that it would still take a bit longer to get to ~3400.

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