23 Comments on “How many boards did this ball cross? Why did it not strike? #shorts #bowling #howto #coaching”

    1. This is an underrated comment!

      Where the ball exits the deck can tell you more about the shot than pretty much anything else on the lane.

  1. Covered 32 boards across lane and didn’t get to 17.5 and was behind the headpin with the ball not having enough energy to go through the pocket?

  2. Must be something sticky in the bottom of the 10 pin. Happens all the time to me at my local alley.

  3. 33 boards and ball used to much energy to drive threw the pocket so it finished behind the 9pin in result sometimes a wrap ten pin 🎳

  4. It looked like 30 boards crossed. 38 (when ball landed on the lane) to 8 at the breakpoint.

  5. I’d say about 34 or 35 boards. Love these short videos, along with everything else you guys put out. Very entertaining content. ❤️🎳

  6. Looks like it hit the lane at about the 35, went out to about the 7, and hooked back to the 17 or so, so total count is about 38 boards crossed. It didn’t strike because it wanted to tell the #BaldEagle that he needs more practice? 😀

  7. Around 37 boards covered and the angle isn’t correct going through the pins. Move 3 and 1. Same break point. At least that’s what I would do

  8. Breakpoint is around the 6.5 board, pocket entry is around 16.5 so 10 boards… Enters the pocket light causing the 6 pin to wrap the 10.

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