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9 Comments on “How Many Times Can You Do A Full Resurface On A Bowling Ball?”

    1. That would be my guess…especially if it comes down to awards…you have to submit serial number of ball anytime for an award (300, 800, etc)

    2. Specifications manual says the serial number can be put back on but the logos have to be original and visible. The logos are the general rule of thumb for estimating size.

  1. Is the USBC minimum spec of 8.500″ at the time of manufacture or for the customer? Basically, if the customer sands the ball several times and it falls below 8.500″ is the ball illegal or is that just a minimum spec that the manufacturer has to follow? I don’t think bowlers have micrometers that large laying around to check nor do most pro shops. I know shops may have “GO/NO GO” rings to check the diameter.

  2. Great info, as always. When the serial number and other data start to get faint, you’re close to finished with that ball. If we resurface our own bowling balls, we should check them with a Pro Sect, to make sure they are still round, without any flat spots.

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