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28 Comments on “How Much Does the Surface of Your Bowling Ball Change in 3 Games? | CtD Ball Surface Scanner v.1”

  1. I think the logo in tha Middle Might be an issue for people with PhotoSensitive epilepsy you wouldnt want them to get a seizure looking at your logo then they will be scared to watch your videos. The Trigger is High Contrasting colors mixing with warm colors IE (Blue and Red flashing over 60hz) . The White is the cool color and Green is a combination of Blue and Yellow. The issue is the intersecting colors at the ROTATION of White Between The High Contrast black with white and the Warm Green. The fix is probably possible with a Slower Rotating Graphic

  2. Sounds like even resurfacing every 6-9 games isn’t often enough to maintain as near-to-expected surface? Cool video something to consider.

    1. What i have noticed is if say I just bowled a couple games with the same ball and then immediately scan it, it would read at about 4-5k. Using Life after death though makes the ball tacky but then scanning it after cleaning it, and indeed even in the track line as well, brings it down to around 3k with the scanner. Does it actually change the surface, I highly doubt it. Does it give a good cleaning to get all the dirt off to have a better reaction if you started off with a lower surface than what it is after a few games? Yes cleaning the ball especially with LAD accomplishes this. This testing has been quite consistent with me over several months since I’ve had the scanner.

    1. We have videos coming where we did a bunch of balls from each manufacturer at Bowl Expo where the balls were brand new and then were used.

    1. It’s not always the ball, I’ve been bowling 58 years I have 9 bowling balls, and it depends on the surface of the lanes, every lane is different and you have to make adjustments, and also the oil on the lanes.

  3. A lot more than people think thats why I own my own ball spinner so I can resurface my balls whenever I want

  4. I have an IQ tour and it’s notorious for shining fast is it not? I would love to see this on other brands and/or “stronger” balls. Examples would be a new Gem, Reality, Crypto and Envy

  5. curious why your not showing your new v2 design of the scanner? looking to get one and wanted to see it in action 🙂

  6. Have you ever scanned a ball after using reacta skuff? Really like that product and curious as to what surface it applies. Thanks for the video!

  7. So in just 3 games the surface changed from 1500 to 4000 which should effect the ball motion, but what do u do having the ball resurfaced before every league night isn’t very efficient?

    1. You have several big issues to deal with. One way to help is to have multiple of the same ball at the same surface, to mitigate the ball reaction change from surface change.

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr that would be great but not everyone can afford to buy several of the same ball that’s one reason I only have one ball I don’t have another $200 lying around lol

  8. Geez seems like you gotta do a bunch of sanding every 3 games. I can tell my crypto starting to get tame but still good. But if someone has 4 balls at different surfaces and you want to keep them sharp like that then seems like you constantly sanding? Also, will sanding the ball wear it out faster? And if I don’t sand with a reactive, then I’m never gonna have full potential of the ball again after it’s out of the box? And does eurothane surface also change if not sanded like the uc3?

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