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Being PBA bowlers and bowling for a living, we are often taking big financial risks in order to make our income. This past weekend we bowled a tournament called the Proprietors Cup which is one of the biggest amateur tournaments there is. In this video we show you how much money Kyle Sherman won and lost and the grind associated with bowling for a living.

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31 Comments on “How Much $$$ Pro Bowlers Win/Lose”

  1. I’m in the giveaway didn’t make it quick enough to get to the live chat. Keep up the great work

  2. One of the better videos I’ve watched. That was some good information. It isn’t easy to explain to people that aren’t deep into bowling why above average league bowlers don’t “go pro” or just bowl for a living. Keep up the great work gents.

  3. And then factor in expenses for travel, lodging, food, etc on most tournaments and it really is a grind. That’s why most pros have pro shops and/or coaching jobs too.

    1. @Pogonian Exactly, i know players that don’t pay a thing for anything but get everything from their sponsors on condition they use their material in the games.

    1. Omg so true😂 my kids bowl 4 days a week n now that summers out at least 6 days. Thankfully our alley does $.65 games for league bowlers. But I also dish out monthly league fees for them n me. BUT its all worth it. We love bowling 💕

    1. Steeve Thibodeau to some extent it is, along with a lot of luck. Bowling isn’t much different, it takes a ton of talent but luck is also involved. It’s a sport where you can make a perfect shot and not only not strike but leave a 7-10 split that is virtually impossible to convert. If gambling took no talent, we would all be rich and be playing professional poker. I stand by my statement 100%.

    2. Big Roy I was talking about slot machine that are rigged. Bowling lane are not rigged. Of course luck is involve in bowling but the main part is talent. Thats why amateurs rarely beat professionnals.

  4. I was curious to see how much the entry fees were. That’s crazy! Keep up the awesome work guys!

  5. Glad to see Brad is ok. I thought he was a goner while you were walking! Lol He may need to go to the doctor and make sure he still has both lungs! Lol 🤣🤣🤣😷😷

  6. This might be their best video. It is a good example of the lifestyle that pro bowlers choose and an example of why they deserve respect when compared to the over-rewarded players of other sports.

  7. *Probably One of the Top 5 Bowling Videos In YouTube History and I’ve seen thousands*

    _The information most outsiders would never know until now_

  8. Life on the road as Pro Bowlers looks so brutal ! Mission on every tournament keep striking and leave no pin standing. I always recalled being in top 24 was the key

    1. I absolutely love bowling there. Bowled in 2 tournaments there and played well above average both times. It’s my favorite place and I’m from Cincinnati. The food there is wonderful and the staff is always fantastic

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