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  1. Can you guys make a more indepth release guide I feel like there are so many nuances left out on youtube videos and I am constantly left with so many questions

    1. There’s definitely things that have to happen before the release, in order to even execute the demonstrated release. Those parts usually left out.

    2. GREAT idea for young masters B&K. In the meantime, JR Raymond’s channel has some pretty good stuff about that. Peace!

  2. When the heads burn up, like you said, will you start to loft before moving laterally? Or do you just knee jerk react and move?

  3. with nowadays reactive balls and big core, long pattern is not a problem, can you try demo playing short and thin oil pattern maybe 28-30 ft ?

  4. Can you edit in a red ghost line down the 10 and the five so its easier to see points better when the camera is further away. You said you like to imagine a new gutter at the 10, so it would be really awesome/helpful to see that on video! It would be similar to a tracer for golf shots.

  5. Just finished a PBA Experience summer league. I had better luck on Shark (225) than on Cheetah (160). Mindset (I know you can’t say the “B” word), was awesome straight up 18 into the pocket. Even the Brooklyn was just fine. However, all of the kids used urethane on Cheetah…by the end of game 2, the lanes were “S…!” So, even my Phaze 2 was a bust. There’s your next video. What do you do when the lanes go to hell?

    1. lofting helps, that or more direct w/ a flat hand rifled up the gutter angled toward the pocket. try to take the the pattern out of the equation once it gets to be that janky. it can be the difference between a 160 and a 190. you’re just trying to salvage at that point, at least that is how I do it.

  6. Thank GOD you guys have vid! Cause I am bowling the second week on the Kegal USBC Junior Gold 50ft Championship, and it was brutal.

  7. Excellent video Gents. Just had to work out a long pattern like this the other night at a scholarship fundraiser of all things. Couldn’t believe that they would lay down anything but a house shot for an event like that. It was fun though!

  8. Thanks again, Brad and Kyle. I appreciate all the info that you guys share. I don’t know about anyone else but I enjoy the challenge of a sport pattern. I am trying to be the best student of the game that I can. This sport is definitely in my blood for ever. Keep up the great workπŸ€™πŸΏπŸ€™πŸΏπŸ’―πŸ’―

  9. Just finished that pattern. Struggled with the transition. Wish I’d seen this before we started. Thank you for the tips.

  10. I found that at my center, depending on how much open bowl and who was bowling on the lane. When I need to pre bowl league, this is how I need to play the lane.

  11. Would LOVE to see your guys’ takes on how to bowl the truly flat patterns (Red Square, β€˜23 US Open Pattern 2 or 3, etc.). Would love to learn both how different guys play them, and how you would attack these patterns with the new bowling ball guidelines. Thanks for considering! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€ŸπŸΌ

  12. I wish I could give this video more than just one thumbs up. It is great. Keep up this great content (that includes the backstage stuff at PBA events).

  13. I mentioned on Packy’s channel that i would like to see a 1v1v1 challenge between the editors of your channel, Darren’s, and Packy’s. Basically a Dennis vs Matt vs Jesse challenge. Could you guys make that happen? I think it would make for great content.

  14. I was at the Orleans Bowling Alley in Las Vegas last week. I have a Brunswick Twist and throw right handed. Every single strike I got was from the ball hitting the left pocket instead of the right pocket. Is this common?

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