15 Comments on “How Professional Bowlers Stay Mentally Tough. Pro Bowling Tip.”

  1. Sleep and a healthy diet.. have a bigger impact on your mental strength/game than almost anything else you can do

    1. I like listening to stuff from John Williams who has done so much music for very popular movies from star wars to titanic and tons more

  2. I like it I read mental game by George Allen I don’t know how many times? Every time I start to get down cuz of a bad outing. I’ll read.still would like more talent working on that. But like you said mental toughness is very very important. Thanks again for reminder!!!

  3. One thing that helps me is whistling. It keeps my attitude in a positive, relaxed, carefree state. If I happen to get frustrated, I give myself 30 seconds to be frustrated, then I have to let it go and move on. If you don’t let yourself feel what you need to feel, it will build, and the end result is bad.. trust me.. lol

  4. Sometimes if you’re having a really tough time on the lanes, taking a break all together can help. Five years ago, I was having a really poor season. Missing spares, timing issues and just throwing the ball bad. I was also dealing with some personal issues at the time, so my head really wasn’t in the game as it was. I ended up taking four months off completely. I came back with a fresh mindset, and I was throwing the ball better than I ever had. We’re all human and stuff happens, so taking care of yourself off the lanes is important.

  5. My little one loved this. He doesn’t listen to any one else when it comes to bowling. However, he loves your videos and practices your teachings, which is improving his game. Thank you so much, Shannon.

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