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28 Comments on “How To Become A Better Spare Shooter”

    1. I’d say that’d vary greatly from bowler to bowler especially for the first ball of the frame. Some bowlers may loft if out a bit depending on the lane conditions. Maybe Ron can better answer your question.

    2. Yeah I agree, I always try to put the ball down on the lane without lofting it much but I get over aggressive with my first shot half the damn time and end up “holding” on to the ball longer than I should be

  1. I used to use a spare ball, but now I use my main ball for my strikes and spares, but when the lanes break down it’s a bit harder to pick up the 10 pin with a reactive ball. I use a hybrid reactive ball btw

  2. I have a question I just use my regular strike ball and just flatten my hand out and throw it straight I can pick up 10 pins no problem (I am right handed).
    But I keep having the biggest issue with missing the four pin!

    1. Mover 5 boards right, and throw your Strike Ball, the exact way you would at a full rack. Same mark, same approach, same speed, same throw.

    1. AKstryker23 I tried the arrows off and on before. I use the dots like Wes Mallott. But the 10 pin has always been an issue depending on how I feel that night. When I use arrows I throw a lot of gutter balls. When I use the dots I average in the low 200s lol.

    2. @TraumaER if you have issues with the arrows the dots will work too, but moving from the dots to the pins will more than likely make it harder than the arrows.

    3. AKstryker23 true. But the 10s are my weak point. I make the 3-10 more often than I do 10s lol. Most people have issues with 10s, but that is literally the thing holding me back from averaging 210-220. One reason why I avoid using urethane unless necessary is that I start leaving 10s and can easily have a 150 game which ruins my night. Had a 134 followed by 237 last week lol.

  3. I shoot 10 pins only for warmup. Hitting the 6 pin doesn’t count. It helps me to be consistent with sliding and hitting the same spot. In turn it helps me hot the pocket more

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