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Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned vet, the bowling pro shop can be a confusing place from time to time. Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop explains if you’re new to the area or haven’t been to a pro shop near you before, simply stop in and introduce yourself.

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Making the Introduction
Talk bowling. Most pro shop operators enjoy meeting new people, even if you don’t make a purchase. Explain where you’re at currently with your game and how you got started in the sport.

What’s Next
Now that you’re on your way, ask your pro shop operator for a lesson. Having the bowling pro shop operator watch you and give you advice will lead to improving your game while equipping you with necessary purchases.

Getting your grip checked regularly is one of the most important things you can work on at your pro shop. Bowling coaches across the globe agree you can’t coach a bad fit. Bowling fundamentals in your game can be off just because your fit is incorrect. You can avoid going backward in your game just by stopping into the pro shop and having your fit checked regularly.

From basic to advanced, your pro shop will have everything you’re looking for. When you begin to notice the approach behaving in a way you didn’t anticipate, maybe sticky or slippery, there are hi-performance shoes you can purchase to combat these issues.

Become a National Bowling Academy member today and watch hundreds of bowling instruction videos: .

Bowling Balls and Accessories
The pro shop works with manufacturers to distribute bowling balls. From the newest releases to plastic spare balls, your pro shop will have what you need. If you’re looking for a bowling ball that hasn’t been released yet, stop in and talk with your pro shop operator about it. It’s always good to get an expert opinion who knows your game to help better inform you about that bowling ball and how it will work with the balls you already have.

It’s always good to have a bowling ball cleaner in your bag along with tape. Make sure you have a dry towel along with paper towels to use before, during and after bowling. Learn more about bowling pro shops with “Bowling Pro Shop: Proper Tools” and “Getting Fitted at the Bowling Pro Shop.” - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

2 Comments on “How to Better Communicate with the Pro Shop”

  1. I’ve had horrible experiences with my local Pro Shop guy. Long story short I’m a 200 average bowler and have been bowling my entire life.
    I’m almost 38 years old now but I recently came back from a very long absence from bowling. By that I mean I’ve maybe bowled 20 times in
    the last 15 years despite being in non stop leagues from childhood all the way through my early 20s. With that said I still had a ball that was
    drilled about 7 years ago that I had still been using when I bowled. The Hammer Gauntlet. However, the ball was drilled prior to the new rule
    that made balance holes illegal. So with the league I signed up for I knew I had to plug my ball which was already getting old or purchase a
    couple new balls. I decided to get 3 new balls for the new league. The Axiom Pearl, a Pitch Black, and a plastic Storm Ice for my spares.
    Now we get to the horrible experience with my Pro Shop guy. I purchased the balls online and brought them to our local Pro Shop out here
    in Northern Idaho. He checked out my PAP by having me throw a good 10 practice shots. I had my Hammer Gauntlet with me which had
    always been a perfect fit. That ball never caused issues with any of my fingers whatsoever. I told him I’d like the holes of the new balls to
    match the size of the holes in my Hammer. He drilled up all 3 balls. The thumbs didn’t feel like they matched. He did mention prior to drilling
    that the “pitch of my thumb hole was a little odd” and that he “could pitch the thumb in a more normal fashion which should help my release.”
    I wasn’t sure what he meant and since he’s the “Pro” I said “If you think it’ll help me out then sure.” So he changed the pitch slightly on all 3
    balls from what I’d been used to using. BAD MOVE! I’ve had nothing but problems ever since. My 200 average went right out the window
    and for a month straight in leagues I was only averaging down in the 160s. This was the lowest average I’d had since I was a very young
    teenager. The biggest issue is that the change in the pitch for my thumb caused major rubbing/tearing of the skin of the outer right part
    of my thumb. Within half a game of bowling my thumb was raw (big chunk of skin removed) and it quickly got worse every time I threw a
    ball down the lane. This meant that once we were done with our league night I couldn’t practice during the week because instead I had to
    bandage up my thumb and wait for it to heal. An injury that take 10-14 days to close up and heal but I bowl every week so it just kept on
    re-opening every single week. I was so desperate that I bought a tool that allowed me to dig out layers of my thumbs insert in order to open
    the ball up more to allow my thumb to get out of the ball without damage. To top that all off every single thumb hole of all 3 balls was
    different from one another. My Axioms thumb hole was tighter than my pitch black and my pitch black was tighter than my spare ball.
    One guy drilled all 3 balls and yet all 3 balls felt as though I took each ball to a completely different Pro Shop. I hate confrontation so I
    decided to stay away from that Pro Shop. Many would say “Just go back in and tell him he messed up etc.” but I’m the type of person
    that avoids that type of stuff. Same reason why I never return food. If you mess up my order bad enough at a restaurant I simply won’t
    return. I never send food back though. That’s not me. So yeah. Was upset to feel like I’m letting my team mates down. 3 of them are
    new guys I’ve never met and they were told by my good friend how good of a bowler I am. But for a month they saw me throwing games
    as low as the 130s, and 140s and were getting a lil upset with me. I kept insisting it was because of my thumb holes and that I didn’t feel
    confident getting a smooth release with any of the balls I had. Finally after a couple weeks off my thumb was able to fully heal and I’ve
    been able to bang ever since. I threw 9 games a few days ago in practice and every single game was above a 200. I had a 224 average
    in the 9 games we bowled where my thumb finally wasn’t my primary focus. Long story I know.. but because of this I don’t know what to
    do next time I get a couple new balls. Being in a small town in Northern Idaho I don’t have other Pro Shop guys I can take my balls to.

  2. Title doesn’t match the content. Title should be “What newer bowlers should consider purchasing” 🙄

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