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  1. Great video, guys. It would be nice to see this ball transition in action over a longer period of bowling like 3 games of 4-person league. I wonder if there’s a way to fast play that and give explanations of why you would be switching to what balls, etc. Still great stuff and thank you.

  2. Nothing like a late night video drop while I’m studying my bowling videos. Great tip. I’m thinking that’s where I went wrong this past week in league.

  3. Great content for me, specifically as I’m building my arsenal. With the Brad and Kyle membership, I’ve got the idol Helios and later a Zen ball good. I just joined a ‘gear-up’ league where I’m getting 2 balls. I’ve chosen the Zen Master and an RST X-2 for my first asym pearl.

    1. just seen one of those leagues here for the summer and considering it because the balls offered are world class but i imagine you get them after the league is over which is not so fun as being able to have some new balls for a new league and everyone kinda breaking them in and learning how they react but obviously if they just gave them a lot of people would just not show up after 1st week

  4. Anyone pass on the fact that the first ball with the second ball left two pins and he just threw the ball down to reset the pins and still spared, I have troubles picking that up when I tried and he made it look effortless

  5. Maybe the best analysis of this challenge that I’ve ever seen. As an agied and arthritic amateur, I can say that every point you’ve made has affected me many times. Thank you!

  6. ♥️♥️♥️…. Been dealing with a lot of houses and leagues changing their oil to be a slower, high viscosity level and I have “too many” revs these changes. Using “weak” balls and throwing left of 30 is a joke!

  7. I really enjoy your learning and practice videos. I shot 300 after working on something Brad talked about earlier this season. Then I won my first scratch single tournament last month. Keep the videos coming.

  8. I have had 2 bad weeks in a row after winning a local tournament hands down. This video is exactly what I needed for my psyche. Thank you guys so much. I definately had the worst experience with my arsenal’s reactions and thought it was just me.

  9. I still struggle with this. When I need to make an adjustment, I don’t know if I need to ball down or move left.

  10. I still struggle with this. When I need to make an adjustment, I don’t know if I need to ball down or move left. Best way to wake up in the morning is with more Brad and Kyle content.

  11. I still can hook the ball to save my life I love bowling I have a twist its a great ball and have a rhino and purple hammer I basically throw straight but I average no less than 140 with my high game being 182 maybe oneday I’ll be able to hook lol

    1. Hey we all started somewhere. Just keep putting the work in and you’ll be there eventually. Took me months to learn how to hook

  12. I would love to see a part two with you talking about how/when to switch as the lanes breakdown.

    1. That would be quite difficult to do on a general video. So many things factor in to lane breakdown. Temp/humidity, your line & arsenal, other bowlers line & arsenal, lane surface topography & oil pattern, your style/power, and the list goes on. Best bet would be to get a coaching session from a local, or get the B&K membership. The membership allows you to upload a video and get customized coaching on your game/style.

  13. Many times if your ball keeps missing the mark several boards left and you don’t know why, it’s the ball hooking before it gets there. Throw a cleaner cover ball for reference, if it hits the mark you know it’s probably not you.

  14. Great video gentlemen! In a six ball arsenal would you have the three Zens in your bag or the two Realitys? I remember the arsenal video you had a couple of years ago. I would be really interested in knowing what your six ball arsenal would be for a house shot or at a center with a sport shot that you have never bowled at.

  15. i struggled with this coming back after 12 years,. i bought a ton of equipment i throw alot of revs at 17 mph,. i had everything from a top thrill to a legacy in the motiv line,. same with brunswick, have an evo, melee, and a few others……after many months of struggling even not being able to throw a top thrill at state even because it over hooked like mad. i went to a short pin layout and they still hook,. but now its more controllable, but i went to buying things like a tropical surge, and a twist, all bottom line entry level stuff, and what a difference.

  16. When I travel for work I can only bring 1 ball. It’s a very versatile ball I can do a lot with, but it certainly isn’t for all conditions. Until yesterday I thought it was “dead” (it is a 27 year old reactive ball!). I finally got on some lanes where the conditions matched what it originally was meant for and it did pretty well. Still was kinda weak on the finish, but it proved that it still has life left.

  17. Nice video! Are all your balls have the same drill holes ,pap layouts or are they different on the balls ? It would be nice on how you lay the holes pap patterns for different kind of balls .

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