20 Comments on “How To Bowl More Strikes”

  1. These videos are explained real well for beginner bowlers. Looking forward to seeing more content in the future. It was because of the bowling tutorial videos on your YT channel that inspired me to get back into bowling after 15 years of not bowling. Kyle, would like to meet you in person someday, and Brad, I look forward to the day we meet again. Love what you guys do. Keep it up <3

  2. im taking a shot every time Kyle adjusts his mask these last three videos, Kyle you need to get fitted and drilled for a new mask that fits buddy!

  3. How to shoot lower golf scores: have your local golf course change the diameter of the cup from 4 and a quarter inches to twelve inches before league play.

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for the beginner based vids you’ve been putting up recently. Could have used these before I got so deep into all the rest of your great videos! Keeping in line with the basics, could you do a video on shoulders? Effect of opening up versus being more square, where they should be aiming, how to keep from crossing body or tugging it. I always seem to struggle with mine. Thanks!

  5. Kyle and Brad , thought I would put Kyle‘s name first since Brad is always first LOL)
    Just wanted to thank y’all for the tips and the knowledge you share.

  6. Hey Brad and Kyle… sometimes hitting the pocket isn’t enough… I’m a lefty and the 7-pin doesn’t like me so how do I carry?

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