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  1. I need to work on this, I think bad footwork/hip angles lead me to end up tugging the ball left a lot. Have you guys done any good videos that cover missing left/right and things to watch for?

    1. You’re correct…if you’re tugging it left, then your hips and shoulders probably need to open up a bit. I had this problem at one point. What works for me is opening up my hips in my stance… if you start open, you’ll finish open. Move your right foot back a bit (relative to your left foot) and angle it slightly to the right… doesn’t have to be much. A board (or perhaps less) of pivot should suffice, unless you’re playing deep inside and really getting the ball out to the right and hooking the entire lane. This opens up your hips, and your shoulders have no choice but to follow. It will keep your swing plane parallel to your target line. I don’t miss left nearly as much anymore.

  2. I don’t know if you guys have done a video on it yet but helping understand the numbers that are on a bowling ball. Like the RG and Diff cause that way it could help with selecting a new ball.

  3. My footwork has gotten better but occasionally I still have a tendency to drift a few boards right. Every time I practice I make about 5-10 videos and usually the first thing I notice is my footwork. Btw, happy 5 year anniversary to the Brad and Kyle YouTube channel! Hard to believe you guys started making videos 5 years ago from yesterday. If it wasn’t for discovering your channel, I would not have gotten back into bowling and I would still be going through depression. You guys have the best and most inspiring bowling channel imo ❤️🎳

  4. That’s so weird that you just made a video about footwork and hip placement I just started bowling about 2 months ago and I’ve been trying to do different things to improve I’m stuck on a 140 average right now but just last night I realized I think I need to work on my footwork and I guess I need to turn my hips a little because often while bowling I start to have pain in my hips so I’m going to try this out and see how it works

    1. They do a lot of tips just like these in the coaching group, its awesome and has helped hundreds of people

  5. Any recommendations on how to release the ball lower? I’ve noticed that when I normally bowl, the yoyo flick to hook, leads to me look like I’m dropping the ball diagonally infront of me.

    When I get lower, it is smoother and the ball enters closer to being parallel with the ground.

    My issues are, I get knee pains below my knee cap on my slide foot. Same knee I was told I have osgood-schlatters disease for back when I was 15 (a decade ago).

    Any advice?

  6. You guys seem to always post a video on the exact thing I feel that I need to work on. You two are amazing

  7. Some suggestions: Re-do some of the bowling on sport pattern videos you did a few years ago. Cover different releases, like coming up the back of the ball for more forward roll, coming around the ball for more side roll, and axis tilt (ala PDW) – perhaps getting young Master Prather (or even PDW himself) in on the latter might be best. JR Raymond had a couple EXCELLENT vids on ball fit a few years back, covering WHY some people may have burn marks (ie: friction on thumb pad top knuckle), aside from callusing, and how to correct that. Some people may have an OK fit, where the span/hole sizes/pitches are such where they don’t have any blisters, or undue pain, but MAY have some “burn”, and/or MIGHT struggle in changing up rotation and or tilt at release. He did say in those vids there’s no magic RIGHT way to drill the grip, but PLENTY of wrong ways.

  8. Love your videos. I use your advice and it has improved my game tremendously. I feel on track to average 200 soon

  9. Can you do a video on how to combine moving left with transition, and how that goes along with ball speed and axis rotation?

  10. Thanks for the video. This video and the past couple of videos, have been really good – you explained the techniques and its importance simply and thoroughly, making it easier more me to understand what you were imparting.

  11. Kinda wish B&K did some content about six step approach. I recently changed to six step to prevent myself from practically sprinting to the foul line like what I was doing with five and especially four step lol

  12. Only time I drift is when I need to cross over the ball return so I’m definitely a straight walker, tried drifting and the finish point was to inconsistent

  13. You guys have some amazing tips. I would love if y’all would shoot some clips of the different things you talk about

  14. Love these videos, footwork is one of the most interesting things in bowling, always intrigued how you guys get so deep, something I’m trying to work on.

  15. I bowl with both hands. I am naturally right handed and use a 5-step approach. When I bowl left handed I use a 4-step. My reasoning is that it allows for me to not have to think about which step to start with as they are both the same. However, I am thinking that I could gain more consistency left handed if I was to adapt to a 5-step. I would like to see a video from you guys (with or without coach Daniel) addressing the change from a 4-step to 5.

    Always enjoy your videos!

  16. I have my 1st bowling lesson on Monday….haven’t really bowled in 15+ years. Figured nip any bad habits in the butt early. Plus i feel like a baby deer on my approach. 😬 it looks bad. Lol
    Great vids! Always like!

  17. My footwork is pretty solid. My drift is 5-6 boards left every shot. I have been told that as long as it is consistent, it’s nothing to worry about. Lately my biggest issue is targeting (or accuracy). Would love to see a video on how footwork impacts accuracy.

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