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  1. joined a local league. got put together with a couple random people and the guy who was team captain wanted to name the team “up 10 dumpers” after a brad and kyle video.. lol

  2. Using knowledge gained from watching your vids (and others) I was able to attack the patterns of our local sport shot summer league and tie for co-champ and won the end night tourney over 3 patterns and 6 games. 👍 Thanks guys for all your work on here. 🎳💯

  3. Just played on wolf 🐺 last night and won all my matches by leaving makable spares and then executing on them! And I’m a high rev player, so it rewarding to to beat the straighter low rev guys on a tough pattern.

  4. *59:53*
    *I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*

  5. On that kind of pattern how long does it take usually to transition to something that gives you a little more margin for error?

  6. I’ve heard of bowlers using the practice time to create a buffer/track on the out of bounds part of the lane using their strongest ball. They’ll use the first half of practice to purposely miss right. That supposedly creates a track so if you play your normal line and miss right, the ball can hook a little more towards the pocket.

  7. Brad’s first shot pretty much sums up most of my shots in league. I can consistently hit the pocket but sometimes it comes up light and other times it might come in a little high. In order for me to strike, I have to be pretty accurate since I have low revs and not a whole lot of strength. Btw Brad and Kyle, if you guys are looking for a logo change, I have a few ideas. I’ve been getting back into drawing recently, so any design ideas, I’ll do my best to come up with something. 😉

  8. This is exactly the video I needed to watch today. I oiled the US Open 2022 37ft flat pattern, and the best I can shot was a 160 was 9-spares and 2 splits. I went crazy on the lanes, but the pattern really did test my patience. I would recommend everyone to give the pattern a shot, it really shows you how versatile you should be to battle the toughest of conditions. Thanks for the amazing content, keep it going, and I hope I get the chance to see you again sometime soon 🙂

  9. So if you’re bowling on this pattern and you start out that far left would you have to move more left or right for game 2 or 3?

  10. Good job guys. My go to ball on flat oil is a 40 yr old yellow dot. Easy 200-210 every time. I may not win no. 1, but I generally cash.

  11. Play straight up the one board. Lay it down on the one at the foul line and run it down 40 feet and take the shot out of the equation.

  12. Wow, this lane behaves a lot like the POS burnt up house shot my league plays on, weirdly enough. I often go right, slow it down, and try and get the shape into the pocket, basically working with the shots that Brad started off with. Seeing Kyle’s shot, and Brad’s adjustments, I should maybe play a bit more middle and don’t try and break at the 10 board, but more like 15 or so. Keep it tight and in the middle of the lane. Interesting!

    I don’t know if I got the right lesson out of this, but I hope everyone else learned that YOU GOTTA MAKE YOUR SPARES!

  13. Signed up for your coaching with the ball. Already learning a lot just looking at posts by members and responses by the coach! Also looking forward to my Storm IQ Tour Solid to be coming in the mail!!
    Love your content and coaching!!

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