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  1. Hey guys, I had another awesome night of bowling last night. Bowled a 191, 203, and 168 for a 562 series! My teammates were happy for me and I was confident with what I was doing. Just stayed relaxed and focused on my game. Still had a few open frames (but that’s expected of anyone because everyone makes mistakes). I’m so happy with the progress I’m making, and I just want to say thank you Brad and Kyle for all your bowling tips. Brad, can’t wait to see you in person again (maybe we could go on a date someday), and Kyle, looking forward to meeting you. See you guys in Portland, ME in July for the PBA league! Love you guys! ❤

  2. Love the video! I just started a 10-week Sport Short league, and I can’t wait to apply some of these tips next week. I’ll try and come back and say how I did.

    1. good luck! I’m starting back in a league tonight and I’m gonna see how it goes. This video is exactly what i was talking with my coach about today. Ball is everything sometimes.

  3. Back when I was competitively bowling , no lane graphs etc. there are so many variables. Style, equipment , makes a difference in ball reaction and carry. Many bowlers ( even really good high average bowlers) leave corner pins but and they mostly act shocked when it happens. Yes, I’ve left a 10 pin where everything felt perfect but I can honestly say that 8 times in 10 I knew when it left my hand whether or not a 10 pin was likely. There’s also many times, I’d play for the “ half pocket” or light hit bc it seemed to be carrying better than dead flush . Conversely, sometimes it seemed you had to stuff it in the pocket to carry. Lots of variables that you can only learn by thousands of games in many conditions.

    1. Agree about trying to hit light pocket as my miss zone when some oil carry down has occurred to start leaving solid 10’s. Another thing that I have had some sucess is to move my breakpoint 3-6 inches down lane in these cases by any/or of these things: move up on the approach, lofting, or changing my hand position to get a more forward roll than side roll. When I hit in the medium pocket zone and the 6 goes straight back into the 10, I know I am in the correct spot. I then I pull the ball 2 boards on the next shot 🙂

  4. Thank you two for the knowledge you are sharing. I’m an amateur just born a few months ago. I’m always practicing on the lane or in my head. I’m struggling of course on consistency but I’m loving it. Looking forward on my future progression thanks to you guys.

    1. Same here! got my first ball a couple months ago and have been loving the process. Brad and Kyle’s videos have been an amazing help

  5. Love your channel! Recently started bowling again after about a 15 year hiatus. Started following you guys and am getting back into the flow. Understanding where to move and why is one of me biggest struggles!

  6. Thanks for slowing down and explaining the lingo a little bit. It was helpful to hear the specific foot and target moves – I often wonder how far to move as I try to figure things out.

  7. I find that when you “keep” getting more hook than you want, simply move your target “deeper” and instead of having your eyes look at same the 10 board, you move your eyes to perhaps 6 to 8 feet past the 10 board (deeper) and you will get less hook, etc. Obviously, you guys know all of that but deeper and shallower I find are good ways to manage the amount of hook. Enjoy your videos. Thanks.

  8. I’m somewhat new to bowling so thank you for explaining some of the bowling terminology. I didn’t actually know what people meant when they said there was a lot of friction on the lanes 😭

  9. You guys are awesome. I really enjoy watching your videos. I don’t even bowl and I enjoy the content.

  10. Love the explanation throughout the thought process. I’ll be taking these tips with me to my next practice session

  11. Absolutely love these educational trial-and-error videos! It really helps learn the thought process and decision making on the lanes. That’s easily the hardest part of bowling. Thanks! Do more of these!

  12. these channels and tips are awesome. Had one of my best nights of bowling. 257, 245 and 235 (737series)…now if I can just get the pro shop to reduce their prices. I’ll be stacking more balls in the bag for sure!

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