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  1. I throw down the 10 board with an easy hook at the end. Lately my average has been dropping. Bowled 153, 133, way off my game. Finally realized I was coming over the top of the ball. Too many revs. Concentrated on going soft and then bowled a 225. This video just reinforces what I need to do. Thanks.

    1. I find that when I point to my breakpoint with my pointing finger in my approach that I can get a smoother strike.

  2. One thing I would add, for the guys the have the muscle memory of open hips. If you’re forced to play straight, it’s going to take extra focus on every shot. I would tell a person I’m coaching, that, before they step on the approach, they need to envision themselves at the foul line, in their finishing position. Then go throw your shot, and get in that position. If you can see yourself with your hips closed, you’ll be more likely to close them properly, without over shooting, past the closed point. This should also get you a little more relaxed then you’d be, if you’re just focused on rotating that right (or left) hip to a specific 0 degree angle.

  3. Good topic. As a senior, bowling on the house shot I found the broken or relaxed wrist along with less open hips works most of time. Have to expect more corner pins but it stays in the pocket more often. You will know on your first practice shot right away if you have to change for the lanes. How much time you have to spend on the game you can do more but this approach definitely makes it less frustrating on the house shot for sure.

  4. Good tips for playing straight. I’ve been practicing on keeping my hips straight…

    Now, can we get another video on increasing speed?

  5. You guys should do a doubles league night, and just have fun with different styles and balls. More content more viewersz

  6. As someone who’s a lefty and plays pretty straight, Im always envious of righties who hook the entire lane. This video made me smile and really appreciate playing straight. I didn’t realize it was as much of a skill as hooking the lane. Keep these videos coming! Look forward to the next!

  7. Two bowlers who are great to watch for those interested in playing straight are Shannon Oโ€™Keefe and Stefanie Johnson on the PWBA. Shannon actually lines up, hips pointing towards the headpin and begins by walking in the direction of the target. That allows her to open up a bit during the swing and yet be squared to the lane at the release. Shannon does this when sheโ€™s trying to play an extreme outside line, like 5 board and out.

    Stephanie doesnโ€™t angle in to as extreme a degree as Shannon, but she is very good at staying square to the foul line throughout her approach and walking straight, something that is hard to do for a lot of modern players.

  8. lefty here too and I have the opposite problem Brad and Kyle are showing. I’m great straight. But to open up and hook the lane is hard for me. Guessing cause I only have 275 RPM and slightly speed dominant but aside from that I just don’t have confidence throwing it towards the gutter. I need to work on that.

  9. I watch these videos to see what I can take away to use in my game (which is two-handed). My biggest problem in bowling — and I’ve never seen this covered before — is this: When I practice, I get my share of 200+ games and also a few lower games, say 170s-190s. However, in league, my game tends to fall apart and I’m too often in the 150s-160s. When I practice I often hit the 10 pin like a pro. Game time, I’m off. Something about being in a game just messes me up. Practice I’m relaxed. In a game, my mind starts to get the better of me. I don’t know why.

  10. This a great lesson for me as an older player. Now I’ve got something to take to practice with me. Keep it coming Guys!

  11. Fun fact, as a lefty I have always thrown straight, but I didn’t know how to play the 5 board until recently, so for about 10 plus years I have been competing in sport shot tournaments having no idea how to throw outside, the tips will definitely help my game thou, appreciate it guys, God bless

  12. Great video gentlemen. The soft release tip is so right on. i am anxious to focus on using this technique as I seem to have the issue with lack of carry on what appears to be a good shot.

  13. Last year in my league, I was really working on getting more revs and hooking the ball harder while still playing ten to seven. This year, I decided to ease up and just let the ball work and shoot around the same line. The difference is fewer splits, more strikes, and a plus 15 in average from 182 to 197.

  14. I needed this so bad, as a two hander I have so much struggle going straight from first two arrows. I am comfortable going three – seven with open angles but to keep hip tight is something I needed to know. Thank you for the tip!

  15. Great video, I can’t generate a lot of revs and I now realize I have a “leg kickout” which causes me to push left (I throw left) and doesn’t get to the pocket. I’m going to work on keeping my left leg quieter to create a more consistent follow through.

  16. Great video. I like to play straight, but sometimes have issues with keeping the ball on line. Your discussion on the trail leg and closing up the hips is definitely something I’m going to try working on, as it’s one of the key issues I have. Thank you for the awesome tips!

  17. thank you for these tips! i used them tonight on my league night and they helped tremendously! very much appreciated.

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