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27 Comments on “How To Bowl Strikes By Improving How You Push Away The Bowling Ball | Bowling Tips | Brad and Kyle”

  1. Thanks for the information guys, you guys are amazing
    I really need to have great timing because my ball doesn’t hit the pins hard enough

    1. The 4 step is identical minus the first step. The ball side hand and ball side foot should start together to get timing lined up.

  2. I have been working on my timing and getting the ball into the swing faster since taking a lesson with Kyle this summer. It’s difficult to change! 2 steps forward 1 step back but always trying to make forward progress. Thanks for this video!

  3. as a senior league bowler (70 with 180 now) i have improved my form and average by watching your tutorials. thanks and best of luck for your futures.

  4. Thank you for always uploading a helpful video! Tell me about the drill layout of the two, but I am learning how to unload the American style. from Japan

  5. Putting This Motion In My Next Game Thursday
    I Did Learn With This Video… Something I Was Doing Wrong…Thanks Guys 👍

  6. Keep in mind that you, got to have a long third step to have time to get the ball at the top of the backswing . ( Timing point 2).

  7. Great video guys, timing is everything in bowling. That’s the one thing I struggled with for years. I finally started taking a half step back before going forward and that helped tremendously.

  8. “Power is everything now” — Norm Duke and his 40 titles would like to have a word with you.

    1. I like norm and he’s 1 of my favorites.. but tbh, you don’t see him winning much nowadays, do you?

    2. ​@Martin Khoe I do see him winning much nowadays. 2020 is pretty much cancelled, so we won’t know how he would have done, but Norm won two titles in 2019. That is more than anyone but three other players. He was also number 8 on the 2019 earnings list.

      Yeah, Norm is still tearing it up and he’s never been a power thrower.

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