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How to Bowl Your Best at the USBC National Bowling Tournament with Coach Mike Shady
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Mike Shady is the all time average leader at the USBC Open Championships (Nationals) Tournament. His average for 24 years (216 games) is 221.53. He is a full 3 pins ahead of 2nd place.

In this video Coach Shady shares his inside secrets on how he bowls 1900 nearly every year focusing on five key learning tips. For the first time ever, he is sharing his knowledge with the world.

Check back weekly for more informative tips to help you bowl better from coach Shady.

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14 Comments on “How to Bowl Your Best at the USBC National Bowling Tournament with Coach Mike Shady”

  1. Very nice! Short and to the point. Especially like the ball arsenal discussion, that is something most league bowlers struggle with, and take too many hook monsters. Oh, and what great form Coach!

  2. Excellent. I start the same way when I am off for a long time…..with one step approaches to get me going then on until I am comfortable.

  3. Great info. Regarding the arsenal, would this recommendation extend beyond the open pattern to sport patterns in general? Or was this recommendation specific to the open? Thanks!

    1. Hey Don. This would apply to any tournament you are going to that has a flatter (harder) condition that is unpublished before competing. Thanks for watching.

  4. Thank you very much, Mikes. Valuable information that can only help. I especially appreciate the arsenal and the “know your sequencing” tips. That is where I have always struggled the most at the Open. I end up in the ball change abyss almost every year and you simply cannot shoot your best scores when it takes a half game to figure out an adjustment.

  5. Ball arsenal (especially for a regular league bowler) is always confusing. I have heard of the “BowlerX’s RG minus Diff +- surface” method, “Create The Difference’s ball shape (traction, continuous, angular, & straight)” method, and the “mo pinel’s layout (strong angular & soft continuous) method. I am sure they all have their value, but if someone were to watch all those, they would probably more confused than where they started.

  6. i went to reno the first year it opened. i cant remember exactly but the first game i had a 253 or a 257. as it turned out every game(9 games)was over 200. i never bowled like that before. that’s the only national i was part of and even tho theres no cussing,drinking, or smoking and no hats, plus collared shirts only, it was a blast. i thought the state tournament was fun, but the national tournament knocked me over like a head pin!

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