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  1. I swear, every time I have a specific issue with my own game (Such as my swing right now) you guys ALWAYS come out with the exact video I need to watch. You two – Brad and Kyle – are easily the best instructive bowling youtubers in the planet!

  2. I will be 66 in March. Had 2 knee replacements and slide ankle reconstruction in the last 1 1/2 years trying to start back but it’s slow. Thanks for these videos.

  3. I had a slight rotator cuff tear, and between this and dropping to 14, I totally lost my swing. I’ve been working on it for over a year. My problem is when trying to keep everything in front of me, how to open up the lane when the shot breaks down. I have trouble moving left, and hitting my boards to the right if I’m trying to keep my swing plane straight. How do I do this. Start left, and drift right to my mark? This seriously screws up my mind. Also how many boards should your swing take up? Say I’m trying to hit 15, where do I need to be starting on the approach? Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

  4. Can you guys have some tips from the left- handed point of view. Love the videos and the instructions are clear and easy to understand.

  5. My game have benefitted from your coaching, for the longest time I am not sure what I did was right/wrong, you both have cleared so much of my doubt and I can feel my game is getting better each week, God bless you 2 kind souls for making this bowling community a much better place.

  6. You guys explain things really well. I do the “lean” and keep the ball tucked in like you show. I’m not good on approach. I don’t step right and I don’t slide. I don’t know how. I am a new bowler. So, as with everything, the things you explain are always a “starting point”?

  7. I’m watching this and when Brad stepped right, I thought it looked familiar. My 10 yr old daughter does this (not that extreme). I pulled up an old video of her and she is straight up and steps slightly right on the second step. I will be showing this video (time stamp 4:52) to her. Thanks for the great tips… PS I also noticed she is going into her “push away” to late and trying to swing her right arm back while her right leg (4th step) is going forward.

  8. How do you two ALWAYS know, week to week, which parts of my game need a video? Were you spying on me at practice last night while I was doing step drills? πŸ˜„

  9. Thank you guys for this video! I went from averaging 190 to 150 recently, and I couldn’t understand why my swing was so inconsistent, especially practicing an inside release for more leverage and revs. One thing I was doing is standing straight up, which did make the ball go behind me, which has thrown off my timing at the line (has also sped up my ball speed, due to not being able to get around the ball) which means I lost revs and power. I’m going to practice this today! I appreciate you guys for the tutorials.

    1. I went from a 190 bowler to a 165 bowler in my league recently. Luckily I bowl with 200+ bowlers, who watched my form and release and kept pointing out what I was doing wrong. Bad habits had crept into my game and made tough shots out of what used to be the simplest shots. Do you have any videos of yourself bowling when you were averaging 190? If you do, take some videos of yourself bowling now (and struggling). it will be obvious to you to see what you are doing differently. You know your own form the best, and you should be able to spot even minor differences in what you used to do, and what you do now.

  10. Thanks. Great video. I had a coach that would constantly tell me not to tilt and drop my shoulder. He was very old school and like me to be squared up as well as no tilt. I never listened. The sad thing is his the local high school coach. Really nice guy though

  11. What I saw is that you usually get a figure 8 pattern with your swing if you push away at the wrong angle (or don’t create that slot for the ball and have to compensate by moving the ball around your body). So if you push off to the left of your target, you will usually miss right. If you push off to the right, you will miss left. Also if you have a straight line, it doesn’t matter as much if you release the ball too early or too late, because the ball will always to towards your target.

  12. Thanks guys. It might surprise you how much of this stuff we consider to be basic no-brainer techniques are not common knowledge. I think I bowled for over 20 years before I even heard the term spine-tilt, or the cross-over step. Many of us just picked up a ball and threw it, with very bad results. It wasn’t until years later that we slowly worked out the basics and began throwing the ball with proper timing or balance. Your videos are perfect for any bowler who hasn’t had professional coaching. Thanks again.

  13. Great vlog! First time that anyoned mention online (that I am aware) that the spine tilt in the set up should place the ball underneath the head–most just say it is to get the hip out of the way. Thanks again!

  14. You were speaking directly to me. Being one of your coaching students and 68 yrs. of age, my main issues have been the crossover step and my arm swing. Brad and Kyle, you guys are awesome!

  15. If you use a crossover step you also need to use a pivot step that keeps that swing slot open the entire approach. I see many people use a crossover step correctly then they walk right with the 2nd to last step basically nullifying what you are trying to achieve.

  16. I glad you addressed us old guys I’m 67 with bad knees and I find that cross over step a bit difficult.

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