How To Build Your BEST Arsenal

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In bowling, your arsenal is really important. We talk about what we have put together and hopefully it helps you do the same.

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28 Comments on “How To Build Your BEST Arsenal”

  1. Great video guys! Wish you added what surfaces you had on each ball as well as layouts like the others mentioned

  2. Hey Kyle, I’m interested in why you went with the Choice over the hammer rip’d solid. I’m looking at adding a strong asymmetrical ball for nationals next year and am trying to narrow down my selection!

    Thanks for all the great content!

    1. My aresenal-halo vision, ufo, hyper cell fused, phase 3, idol pro, rubicon, idol pearl, iq emerald, mvp pearl, electrify hybrid, blue roto grip sapre ball.

    2. Bowling balls (~$200) and shoes (~$120) are pretty cheap when compared to the cost of going bowling. Especially since they last years and typically don’t break. The problem is when you buy a ball and then find out you don’t really like it or use it.

    3. @Mark Mata the highest ive ever paid for a bowling ball was 180 but that was everything in 1 price. ball, drilling, and grips. but i think the most expensive ball online is 174.99. they dont get higher then that. im talking about,, etc

  3. Loving all the content you guys are putting out! Especially all the how-to’s! Could you guys please make a video on combating wet/dry lane conditions? Keep up the great work!

  4. Guys dont cry about your prices. In Finland bowling ball costs minimum of 270€ to 350€

  5. So I guess to build mine, I have an asym pearl. So i’d want a sym pearl, asym solid, sym solid, urethane, and maybe 2 hybrids. Decent enough?

  6. the best arsenal for me is 1 havy oïl -1 light medium oïl – 1 light oïl – and 1 spare ball

  7. You guys really help me through my bowling life. I have been watching ur vids since you started . Its great to see u in Tv. Keep putting out the content and I will keep watching!

  8. Nice video, question on the five balls you have there, How many of them have the same drill pattern?

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