10 Comments on “How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball for Your Game. Pro Bowling Tip! #shorts”

    1. You would probably want to consider less aggressive balls if you have a higher rev rate. Also speed makes a huge difference. The higher your ball speed the more aggressive of a ball you can use no matter your rev rate. Hope this helps!

    2. @InsideBowling thanks for the tip about speed dominant bowlers. Working on getting a broader arsenal.

  1. I’ve only been bowling about a month after a 20 year break.
    I’m taking advantage of closeouts with the new season, I’ve got a dv8 intimidator pearl, an ebonite omni solid and a pyramid blood moon rising(asym, hybrid cover).
    I’m really enjoying the new technology and having money to try stuff! (I hadnt bowled since high school)

  2. I currently have 108 ball arsenal but the most important thing is that you need to have a urethane ball 🎳

  3. i have strong solid asym, medium hybrid asym, medium sym and weak sym. no spare ball. i just wonder why we need strong sym? maybe people here in comment can explain me

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