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22 Comments on “How to Clean a White Bowling Ball”

  1. Ron, the release of that ball really went up your alley (pun intended ) . Cleaning that ball gives you a chance to really showcase all your products .

  2. It’s like owning a white sofa. Gorgeous to look at but what a royal PIA to keep clean. Owning a white Quantum is a labor of love, right fellas?

  3. I just don’t get why anyone would want a white bowling ball. So hard to keep clean. And looks horrible dirty.

  4. Just got a new ball with a dull finish and a bright green swirl. This is the best demonstration of how to keep that bright color. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Is the true grid 1000 won’t disfigure the ball? It will only restore to the original shape n grid? How about the purple stuff on steroids? Thanks for your vid.

  6. 参考になった、ありがとう!
    From Japan.

  7. So why not just go to Walmart or your local harbor freight and get some 1000 grit sandpaper and wet sand the ball. Basically what he did and I bet you’ll save $20.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr Technically neither are Abralon sanding pads but they’re used anyway. I’m almost certain about 30/40 years ago, pretty much the only way to get your Urethane ball scuffed up was through sandpaper or Scotch Bright and neither of those are designed to cut a bowling ball.

    2. That’s what I do…but I have to Sand it every week to get it clean for the next week…a bit of a pain so I stopped throwing it…Tried different cleaners including the Purple Stuff and WOW version but it didn’t even get half the dirt off as sanding did. I’ve never really had much success with Solids…I’ve always thrown Pearls…but the Bias seemed to not hook as much as my other equip…

  8. Great vid Ron! I used to own a pro shop in a 74 lane house here in Windsor, Canada and back in ’93 (I think) I went through hell when the Bone XS came out and we very quickly learned how tough it was to keep it clean. Luckily our center had brand new AMF synthetic lanes, so the wear on the ball could have been much worse. The one thing I learned was that no matter what path you took, it took an investment of time and effort to keep those XS’s looking good!

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