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46 Comments on “How to clean scuff marks off of a bowling ball.”

  1. Ron a PSO owner told me Wow Factor was the exact same thing as Fabulouso all purpose cleaner. I have a feeling he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

    1. Ronald Hickland Jr lol right, as the product is still on pre order, to say you haven’t factored in the cost of the pad into the overall cost of the spray is unlikely. I can’t name many, if any business that’s in the market of giving things away for free haha. But you right it’s “ free “

    2. @Nate So Fresh and So Clean has been on the market for more than a year at $24.95. We added the TruCut Scuff Mark Remover and the price didn’t change. So we are absorbing the cost of it. This makes the combination of these two products infinitely better. Now you can extend the life of the ball and clean it better than any ball cleaner. In the end, it provides more value to the customer at no cost to them. Seems like a win win.

  2. Looks like a Magic Eraser, or a generic version of the same kind of pad, no? Also, you mentioned that the “alternative” would be to have a pro shop resurface and polish the ball—but that’s essentially what you’re doing… right? That white abrasive pad took the polish off, as seen at the end of the video, and that means the surface grit would have also been changed. So both have to be redone.

    1. That is exactly correct Ben, the Scuff Pad removed the polish from the ball. Exactly what the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser does to a bowling ball. Nothing wrong with promoting the product but, this is nothing but the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser.

  3. WTH! That’s a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser, the kitchen version. There are 3 different Mr. Clean Magic Eraser’s and the one that you’re showing, is the same one you would use for kitchen appliances. I used the same pad and as Ben Leong stated, it does knock the polish off of a polished ball. i had to get it re-surfaced after using the Magic Eraser. You would do better to soak the ball in dawn dish detergent and then clean it off with a towel or just go to the pro shop and pay for the resurface. This method is not worth it in my opinion.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr that’s good to know. I will say this, i purchased some of the tru grit pads, 2000 and 3000. Those pads are amazing.

  4. I used to put my bowling ball in the dishwasher. Already gotta do dishes anyways. Knocking out 2 birds with 1 stone is what I say!

    1. You should never put your bowling ball in the dishwasher. That’s bad for both the ball (too much heat) and dishwasher. The plasticizer in the bowling ball can leach out, remain in the dishwasher and contaminate your dishes and harm your health.

    2. Ronald Hickland Jr I don’t do it anymore. I only did it a few times. I still have that same ball today (Storm Vertigo). Probably the longest lasting ball in my arsenal. I got a spinner years ago and use that now.

  5. How does the tru cut pads compare to the Diamond dust pads from Jayhawk? Besides the price obviously. Talking about longevity.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr make another video with a already clean polished ball and show us before and after to prove it doesn’t change the surface

    1. LOL magic erasers aren’t free. Our Scuff Mark Remover is 😂. They also don’t work as well as So Fresh and So Clean with our Scuff Mark Remover, and they also don’t last as long.

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