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34 Comments on “How To Curve a Bowling Ball To Throw Strikes | Bowling Tips | Brad and Kyle”

    1. In my center only the first 2 – 3 inches isn’t oiled hence if Kyle is in my center, his shoes definitely will have oil on it considering how far he has stepped pass the foul line.

    2. @William Rivera actually the first 20 feet are heavily oiled and buffed out after 40 feet, the final 20 feet are bone dry.

    3. @William Rivera Why don’t you step on those first couple of feet sometime and see how fast you fall on your @ss.

  1. Hey guys! Great video! One suggestion that pertain nothing to bowling: merge your left and right channel audio so both sides of headphones sound the same (unless you are doing a podcast format where you want each speakers voice from a different location). The right side has almost no sound coming out of it on this video specifically.

  2. I like to use the bed in the hotel to practice my release before a tournament just don’t forget to put the pillows up in front of the head board before you start lol

  3. The best tip in this video was when Brad said to “put your hand in the bowling ball (3:27).” I just knew there was an important detail I was missing.

  4. I can only use my ring finger and index finger due to breaking my thumb when i was younger. How can i get more power without losing control? Thank you in advance

  5. Really helpful video actually. You guys explained when my hand should go from straight to a handshake, and an actual drill I can practice is super helpful.

  6. I have recently subscribed to your guys channel and just got back into bowling after about a 15 year gap. I bowled really good when I first started and know that I have gotten back into it I am struggling, after watching 5 or so of your guys videos I have learned so much from my approach to holding the ball at the beginning. I’ve always held the ball up high and always powered through. You two have made everything easier and in a way for anyone to understand. I want to say you guys in my opinion are the best out there in teaching so I just want to say thank you both very much !!

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