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In order to have good posture and balance, upper back muscles need training. Resistance band shoulder exercises are great for rehabbing an upper back injury, improving back strength, and helping to stabilize your shoulders.

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Straighter, lower rev players require less shoulder rotation in the finish position than higher rev players that have to open the lane up more. Both players require a certain amount of back and shoulder strength and will greatly benefit from resistance band shoulder exercises. This exercise will make a huge impact for longer format tournaments where fatigue can be an issue.

Step 1
Get seated on the floor and loop your resistance band around your feet.

Step 2
Next, sit up as tall as possible. Grip the band with your shoulders pressed down away from your ears.

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Step 3
Once you are in place, squeeze your shoulders together, pulling your elbows back. Hold the stretch in place for a second, release and repeat. Imagine you have a pencil in between your shoulder blades with the goal of holding it in between your shoulders as you pull your elbows back.

Additional Tips
– Keep your abs clenched throughout the exercise and try not to swing your torso back and forth.
– Try not to let your arms do all of the work.
– Keep your back straight with your chest out and your shoulders relaxed.
Bowling requires a lot of back and shoulder strength throughout the approach. Resistance band shoulder exercises add just the right amount of resistance to help improve strength in your back and shoulders that are needed to avoid bowling fatigue.

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