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5 Comments on “How to EASILY Remove Scuff Marks and Dirt From Your Bowling Ball”

  1. I have the scanner and truecut pads. I gollow the tutorials to a point and those pads does not get it to the surface they state they are.i haft to use the 240 pad to get 500 grit surface and the 500 pad get 1500 to 2k

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr  sir ur reply is insulting to having a conversation about the issue.
      1. I stated i have followed ur tutorials on how to use ur pads.
      2. I also have a ball spinner.
      3. The video u shared and all videos on u or any of ur ambassadors doing surface change all have editing cuts right after using pads to then scanning the ball. There is no videos where u guys resurface the and pick up the scanner hit the button and show the result and then scan another area and show the scan again. All the surface changes all have edit cuts from the pad to the guy holding the scanner.
      4. U guys scan more then 3 times and then show the grit after edit cuts.

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr  i will order a fresh 500, 1000 pads so there is no room for question. And i will do a full video of opening the package and the full process of scanning the ball showing result of scan of ball then using the pad and then scanning the ball in 3 different spots with no edits to show….i appreciate ur continued response but i find very revealing that the actuall issues and points layed in previius comments is ignored. I am a big fan of most ur products i only use life after death luv it best ball cleaner. Got 2 of my teammates to also switch to ur ball cleaners but and all i use is truecut pads. But after buying ur ball scanner which does work and is calibration done per the instructions i fount that the 500 grit actually does 1k to 2k. It fluctuates. But to get 500 grit i use the 240 pad. That fluctuates from >500 to 500. So i went back and watched all of ur resurface videos and i noticed a disturbing theme in all the vids…. after every use of a pad and cleaning of the ball from u or others there is always a edit cut in the videos and then u do a scan. U keep sharing videos but none show u using a pad picking up the scanner and using it 1 to 3 times the ammoint of scans it shows with no edits or in one continuous shot. There is always a cut and then multple scans before sharing the results.

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