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  1. Oh yeah, finally first comment! Love you Brad and Kyle, giving helpful advice as always. Hitting my target consistently is one thing I still struggle with. I usually start right, aiming at first arrow or board 7, something like that.

  2. Can you do a video to know when you should change your fit and what you might look to do. (Swelling, etc) I haven’t bowled in a year to the thing here and now my ball hangs on my thumb when I release so I think I need to change my pitch but I don’t know if I should go forward or reverse

  3. Watching your videos has helped me so much. I started bowling again about three years ago and my average started at 111 and now my average is 180 to 185 so thank you very much.

  4. Love the video πŸ˜‚ but damn he said the majority glad im with kyle with high rev and I can match it with my high speed

  5. What do you do when you over hook playing right and it doesn’t come back when you move left? Is my ball too strong for the pattern?

    1. It depends on how much left you move. If you move left 4-5 boards, readjust back right until you find the spot. If you move 1-2 boards, your getting an over-under reaction which means you need a ball with different motion to get a better backend reaction(ex: I have a Phaze II and a Omega Crux set up to have similar reaction but have completely different backend angles via A-symmetrical vs. symmetrical cores).

  6. The pattern Kyle was bowling on was the 40 ft pattern from the clash of the Spartans collegiate tournament this weekend.

  7. This video would’ve helped yesterday, I was struggling bad, I had 5 7 pins in a row from 5 different pocket shots, then I had a 7-10 and an 8-10.

    I switched balls and I moved around too, nothing was working.

  8. Need a video on how newer bowlers pick out layouts, I’ve improved in the last two years but have no idea how layout would be best or helpful!

  9. You guys give great info, but when you talk about where you’re placing ball to find pattern. You never discuss what board you’re placing your foot

  10. Glad to see my Hustle ball getting some love! In my first league now and my average has shot up watch your vids. Thanks fellas πŸ‘πŸ»

  11. could you guys make a video showing us how to bowl on really dry lanes? I own a hustle rap pearl and I’m struggling severely to hit even the 7 pin

    1. Surface… more grit uses energy faster for less downlane insanity. Move into the track and throw it, moving left as needed. Typically on house, move left when you miss left if your hitting target. Also up your speed. Just left Monday night league where it was pretty dry, used less ball with surface and shot 650s.. tomorrow I will use less surface with little more oil out usually. Good luck

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