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47 Comments on “How To Fix A Dead Bowling Ball”

  1. Looks like a very good product and a way to revive your bowling balls to keep them responding to the lanes just as if they were bought brand new. looks like I will be buying this to keep my bowling balls responding well. Thank you Ronald for your hard work and engineering. Awesome job !!!👏👏👏

  2. i bowl 27 years league’s i see the thing its whats the best to clean a ball with less cost 6 types core and plastic ball

    1. @Matthew Richards its the cores of a ball building wight bowling 27 year i rather test new ball new equipment work same than pro shop

  3. Can you make a video explaining what all of the products you have do and how to use them cohesively?

  4. Can you reuse the clear that was put in the bucket? Hate to waste 3/4 gallon of the product on one ball.

  5. Would have liked to see a shot after the surface adjustment, then again after “The Clear” treatment for a better comparison of the impact of the treatment. Data is a bit confounded with the surface change.

    1. Completely agree. 99% of that performance change was simply from the fresh 2,000 surface. I’d buy a lot more CTD products if I didn’t feel like they were trying to deceive us.

    2. @Kenny Grinols we posted a link that shows a direct comparison without surface change, and we verify the surface is the same. I’ll post it again. https://ctdbowling.com/blogs/news/creating-the-difference-launches-innovative-way-to-improve-bowling-ball-performance.
      We do our best to educate people and address concerns on the front side. We can’t put everything into one video or it would be 2 hours long. Here is the video in the blog post. https://youtu.be/aJDOD0q5sEU

  6. Hm….i think the product is interesting…although a bit messy. How often would the “extra life” last after one use? Also there a re several videos that …”takafires” are mentioned, as if we all know what they are. I think most of us do not. So if you could explain them it would add a lot. Unfortunately seeing the last and first shot side by side, the 1st shot looks like it was clearly further right of the rangefinder, than the last shot, so i don’t know why the Board Box showed 10 both times. Maybe it depends on where it is placed ?

    1. The Therion also looks like shot was was a little faster. Hence the washout. Ball definitely looked better after the cleaning though.

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr Thanks i read that. It says what they do, but not what they actually are. But now that i saw how they are spelled, i could google them, so i found out. Thanks.

  7. The tackifier is mixed through out the entire cover of the ball when manufactured. How do you know that the tackifier added by the clear is any more that just surface deep. Have you any scientific proof?

  8. He could have moved four boards right and played the ten board. It would be more direct and given him a better path to the pocket.

  9. So I’m kinda curious…what exactly do you classify as a dead ball… What about a bowler that throws a straight ball? Would this help? What about the age of the ball?? I only mention this due to the ball I use…granted I may only use it 2 to 3 times a year. Now the other fun aspect is my ball is a Brunswick Starfire ball from I believe around the early to mid to late 1970’s…What’s your take aside from probably dropping your jaw and laughing at me with this post. I’m actually laughing a little as I post this.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr so what your saying is that even if i use the 5000 grit pad from try cut and sand down my litch black it wouldnt make a difference?

    2. @macteesac I’m saying that this video is featuring The Clear. This product is made for reactive bowling balls.

    3. @Ronald Hickland Jr ok i would like to purchase your product. Which product should i get for urethane balls? And is there any product for spareball or should spareballs jusy be left the way it was bought?

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