7 Comments on “How to Fix Bowler’s Elbow Pain. Bowling Tip to Relieve Pain.”

  1. What causes the bowlers elbow or first known as tennis elbow is the excessive gripping pressure. It is a sign your ball does not fit right. You may have too much reverse pitch in the thumb or thumb is to big. Either way you are gripping the ball too hard. I’ve been drilling bowling balls for over 30 years and am very familiar with this problem.

    1. I have pain not where “tennis elbow is”, (outer side), and not even on the inside. I have right in the middle where the tricep ends. Have you encountered that? And how was it fixed?

    2. @The Therion Most pain I have ever found in the elbow area is due to excessive gripping. I would look at your drilling in the ball first. Then I would recommend you wear the Masters Elbow Support to help relieve the pain. It applies pressure to the injured area. You will need to wear the support 2-3 weeks full time, not just when bowling. This will help the tendons and muscles to start healing. I hope this helps.

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