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  1. I’ve been repeating “ELBOW IN” like a mantra for the past several weeks, and it’s working. It’s been one of the more frustrating pieces of my game. I’ve always had a tendency to let my elbow flare outward on my downswing. Last week in league, I focused very hard on that and keeping my hand to the inside of the ball. Shot a 257 scratch in game 3 of my series with a nice 7-bagger to start. Great advice!

  2. Very timely! I think this is the primary problem I have with my game. I think it also limits your ability to throw higher speeds comfortably. I have been trying to get more ball speed this year and I think focusing on this aspect will likely help me more than anything else. To keep the elbow close you probably need a decent crossover step (1st step on 4 step, 2nd on 5).

  3. Good video guys. I notice when I get outside of the ball like you talk about it tends to skid too far before hooking and I end up hitting the gray boards sometimes

  4. I’ve been paying attention to my ring finger at the release point and directing it at my target which is usually between the dots and the arrows. I also pay attention to my index finger particularly at the start and all the way to the top of the swing. These two things have helped me to stay behind the ball throughout the swing. One other key thing is I use white bowling tape to make each ball feel good and placed in such a way to keep me from grabbing at the ball during the swing. It seems that the tip of my thumb pad wants to feel something during the entire swing. As long as I can keep my thumb straight the release is easy and fast for a clean roll. Thanks for all your tips guys…

  5. This couldn’t come at a better time! I’ll be heading out to practice this later this week, before next league night!!!

  6. I’ve watched a lot of videos of the release and different types and all that and finally have figured it out some, but that forearm splitting the ball tip was one I’d never heard before and wow is it a game changer!

    Also I’d like to add from a physical standpoint it’s not healthy on your elbow joint putting that type of twisting force on it away from the body while it’s being weighed down!

  7. I’m a left handed bowlers amd this is one thing I always struggle with I don’t high Rev rate and my angels are very small I’d love to be able to create a higher Rev rate with more angels but again I struggle with this. I’ll keep working on it and hope it helps. Love the content it’s helped me become a better bowler. Thanks guys

  8. Good info guys. This is something I’m trying to work on, my timing has been sporadic. I’ve been a push away guy, going to work on that drop.

  9. Guys, I think possibly your most impactful video yet ! And I literally messaged you about this yesterday on another video, so very timely.
    Looking forward to trying these tips out as the chicken wing has become part of my anatomy lol. Thanks again !

  10. Omg guys, thank you. This is exactly what I do. Chicken wing. Being older, sometimes my wrist hurts me when I’m staying inside the ball and I will subconsciously let my elbow stay outside. Daniel showed me this on video also. Well, I’m still working at it. It’s a process of course. Thanks guys

  11. I love that hit the back of your knee/leg idea since I have trouble getting the ball under my head at the bottom of the swing. But I think body tilt makes a big difference. And I see Brad’s body tilt when looking at his shoulders and hips. His right side dips downward. That would be a good thing to cover following this video.

  12. I love the way you guys simplify the instruction Videos. The tips are so easy to follow. Keep making those great Videos.

  13. This video helps a lot. Ive been in a slump lately and I realized I come around the ball and can not create good revs. I also am notorious for drifting towards my eye target

  14. I was born in 84 so I very much modeled my game after Pete Weber a lot I admired the high back swing and I have a big tendency to get more around the ball like he did as well. I have been successful with it but you are probably right on it limiting what I can and can’t do so I’ve been really working on hand and wrist positions to practice on rolling up the back of the ball more on harder conditions when I need more control. So to speak I Channel my inner Chris Barnes LOL

  15. This was one of the best videos you guys ever made period. Way to add some much needed value to everyone’s game! Thanks!

  16. More videos like this please! Shot 240 average last week in league for 4 games after watching some of your tips videos

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