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  1. Happy new year! This channel started it all for me and it just keeps getting better!
    Being two handed I think it gives me a little more ease here. When I hit the power step the ball is at apex but I can drive through with more power.
    This regardless of the number of hands you use is essential!

    1. Can someone suggest a good hammer pearl bowling ball to pair with an hammer tough (mainly spares) and a black widow 2.0 ( my go ball) but wanting to add a pearl that is. Less aggressive than Black widow 2.0

    1. @Monk Amani yeah but mine is different though, I have a very little backswing and just all arm and force it down the lane

  2. Interesting point! I never knew about the angle of the foot being so important. Thanks for the great explanation

  3. Thank you for the timely video! I just got into more serious bowling and been trying to figure out how to generate power and get my body to be more open. This video answered both!

  4. Hi guys…great video…wanted to let you know I am holding a under50/over 50 scratch doubles tourney at Clutch lanes in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio March 19th…that is the same week as the toc in Akron at Rivieria lanes…first place is $4000…not sure if you guys are coming to the TOC or not this year

  5. Needed this, thanks! Lately lanes are pushing me much farther left and my speed is slow so it hooks but it needs more drive.

  6. My concern is I am 5 foot 7 inches. I’m barley pushing 150 pounds ( i know i am a small guy) but i can never generate enough power to get my ball speed and revs to increase. Should i drop my ball weight from 14 to 13? I’ve been bowling for 15 years and I never went above 14 pounds because i was afraid of not being able to handle the weight for a long time.

  7. Iโ€™ll check this out I canโ€™t get good ball speed with 2 hands. Canโ€™t get past 16.5 at most

  8. This was really good! I think I need to see more examples. I appreciate the information, but could we get more demonstration?

  9. My issue with me is none of my bowling balls seem to make it past the mid lane when I play angles unless itโ€™s too oily

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